It’s all Love. No Matter its appearance.

Question: Respected sir, I am from India, I like to read your every post as I know you are a real teacher of life, and you touched the lives [of] so many. And have much experience, it’s your kindness you are here for all those need guidance.

I also need to know; I don’t know [the] meaning of my life, I am depressed from my life, there is goal, no achievement, no success, no value, I haven’t anything… please guide me, how and what to do in life? I know you are much busy in your life, and you are a celebrity, my respect to you with my heart… if possible guide me, angel.

Padma Bearji: Welcome friend…

First I need to say to you and to all who read these words, that I am not an angel, I am certainly not a celebrity of any sort. I AM YOU. We are not separate in anyway, shape, color, or form. [Truth has no form] Thoughts of being less than or more than any other object in one’s life experience is false thinking. A trap of ego mind which is only to create suffering, low self-worth, depression, and even the loss of meaning in one’s life.

I cannot speak to the more intimate meaning of your life, my friend, but I can speak to the meaning of life. It is simply to awaken from the dream, being the illusion we are all separate from God. Happiness is the meaning. The growth of the Soul. LOVE is why we are here.

It is all Love. No matter its appearance.

Awakening can and does happen in a fraction of an instant in the silent mind of not knowing what ego thinks or wants to think. So the guidance for everyone will always remain the same. “BE STILL.”

It is as easy as it sounds. But there is SEEMINGLY a high wall of resistance protecting the ego’s mighty castle where ego hides deep within the dungeon and torture chambers beneath. Ironically the ego keeps within its own personalized prison in fear for its life. In this darkness, ‘ideas’ of despair, shame, low self-worth, depression and worse can grow like a wild and deadly fungus.

All forms are not real. What comes and goes is not real. Always remind yourself to be the mindful witness as That which always remains.

I tell you now to trust what I say when I point to this word, “IDEAS.” And that ideas can change.

All of what you shared today are only the present moment IDEAS of what your ego mind thinks about you and your life. This will change. These concepts of ego are easy to change by just dangling a fresh new identification out in front of its eyes as you grow.

Your thoughts may transform into something like this… “I’m now practicing healing practices instead of woundedness.” As you evolve… “I’m the wounded healer becoming of myself.” And after certain direct realizations… “I am That.”

During some mind training workshops I used to offer, one of the things I would teach was how to take your present moment thinking and make it do what is the underlying Heart intention for that thought. I’ll better explain in this example. One student was running a mantra through her head, “Be the word of God.” How beautiful. But I suggested she make one tiny change to the mantra, “I am the word of God.” You see, you give the ego a piece of candy and it drops what it was obsessing about for this whole new flavor! So simply be aware of your thoughts and learn MINDFULNESS.

The ego will attach itself to anything. The ego, being the source of suffering, is just doing its job as your personality to co-create all these suffering ‘ideas’. Along with the powerful and spontaneous force of the intelligence of Karma, life situations and circumstances provide everything else anyone could possibly ‘dream’, AND THEN SOME, to push a human to either madness or to seek Truth.

Madness meaning how we respond or not respond to our own inner call for healing and freedom. Some may choose a life of drugs, alcohol and unkindly behavior to numb themselves. Others may just find a ZONE and stay there, like cattle on their way to market listening to the same radio station that has been played in the background for them their entire lives. Happily getting into and off the trucks that haul them to the slaughterhouses. Ignorance is NOT BLISS.

You are seeking TRUTH. Good job! Very good!

Finally, there comes the point in one’s life where enough is really, and truly, at last, enough! For myself and many I have heard from, it appears some of us have to take it to where we have hit bottom for the hundredth time AFTER we have already told everyone we know for the hundredth time, ‘This time I mean it, enough is enough!’

So instead of beating the wall of resistance down, imagine you might simply dig in deep to the core of the hidden torture chambers to bring in some fresh new Light. Meaning, just for an instant, not know what you think you are and who you think you are NOT. Remember, you are me, and I am you, and if I can awaken to the Grace of Being, you can too. ANYONE CAN!

Now as far as how you live your life, in your country and particular culture in your country, and for anyone else around the world, the only guidance I can say is to follow what is that little small voice deep within your heart. This is a point of integration, if you will, to That which we all seek as what is behind the name and idea of the word God.

Now, of course, you must pay attention to your well being, and thus ask for help if and when you need it. I ended up homeless once, and it wasn’t a problem as I didn’t make it one. I had a tent and a small amount of food from the local shelter. I had the basic survival needs met. And I trusted the Love that I am, that I recognized within me, so I had no fear as I held my best intention and worked with will to manifest a new life. As I have shared, I am on the steps of homelessness again, but this time the physical health of this body requires me to seek, forces me to seek the help that is WAITING to meet me!

I am asking myself for what I want, and I am getting the positive reply I asked for. Whatever comes, goes, or stays; I AM RESPONSIBLE! You see, in that, there is no suffering.

Love is the glue which is the attracting force of the universe. So it is this Love in your heart, no matter how tiny you think it might be, is what you can trust. Love is trustworthy. Hold your focus out of mind and in your Heart awareness of what Love is. It cannot be known, but it can be experienced in this silence and then lived in the present moment no matter life situations and circumstances.

Trust Love. As within all ideas of what Love is or is not, there is a place of no identification. Ego cannot attach to what is Gods Love. Meaning, ego has no power to try to make Love do what it wants it to do. Love is Freedom. This is Peace.

There is ONLY this One Consciousness. Where is the other to make any kind of judgment? Where is there ground for any idea to stand on?

Be still, listen to your Heart. When it feels of Love, move in that direction. Even a first step away from what is not love is a beginning.

Best wishes to you! Your friend, Padmā Bhājan Bearji

PS. If all of this is an illusion does it really matter? HELL YES IT DOES! As what is happening in the world today is a reflection of the collective mind which holds this illusion in place. So you can trust the voice that rises from the PASSION and compulsion of Loves One Heart as it moves you to where you need to be next.