About Bearji

Sri Padma Bhajan Bearji (Christopher Alaya Love)

The American born author, Christopher Alaya Love, now known as the beloved and awakened spiritual teacher, Sri Padma Bhajanji, affectionately known as Bearji, has given his life to the conscious evolution of himself and that of all humanity. Bearji is the founder and director of the non-profit, The Lotus OneSong Village.

Lotus OneSong Village purpose is the unity of family, communities, nations, and a peaceful, non-violent way of cooperation in the restoration of our planet and the cessation of all hostility amongst all humanity on earth for the opportunity for peaceful and sustainable abundant living.

“At the age of 4, I had a mystical experience that pointed me to recognize I was a child of God. At age 15, another profound experience of Oneness revealed to me that if everyone could have this same experience as I, there would be peace on earth. Almost immediately I was making plans for an extensive healing center and a self-sufficient, sustainable living community. At age 40, in silent retreat with my teacher Gangaji, I lost my mind in the stillness of awakened bliss. In that instant, my Being sang a song which I knew by Heart since age 4, but it came out differently this time as a profound sense of responsibility. My Heart just KNEW, ‘You are all my Children.’ So I threw myself on the fire of this awakening, and the only question left for me was, “How do I serve?” ~Bearji

Biography of the spiritual teacher, Bearji:
After leaving home at age 15, Christopher Love had a mystical experience that changed his life and put him on the path of healing, spiritual seeking and a passion for helping create peace on earth.

(Age 15)

In 1971, at age 17, Christopher started a (non-profit) natural foods wholesale business which was labeled by Dun and Bradstreet as the fastest growing organic wholesale distributor on the West Coast for three years in a row.

(The bumper sticker stated, “Food for People, Not for Profit!” … And that’s what happened!) 🙂

Upon his awakening, he realized that all the horrible violence, crises after unthinkable loss and hardship he had experienced in his life, especially as a boy and young man, were all nothing less than Grace Itself.

“It was the suffering which made me investigate peace and freedom from suffering through healing and spiritual seeking. I now only hold gratitude for all of life. This is Grace and the opportunity of living in the Now.” ~Bearji

Christopher Alaya Love was born in San Francisco, CA. in 1954 to two alcoholic abusive and neglectful parents. His father, a car mechanic, started the physical torture at a very early age. By the time Christopher was twelve years old, beatings had become so severe that his left arm was broken the summer before 7th grade. By age fourteen, Christopher’s body was heavily damaged from head to toe.

At the age of a freshman in high school, he had multiple fractured vertebrae in both his lower back and in three places in his neck along with a complicated ruptured disc at the base of his spine. Both his left knee and right shoulder had repeatedly been violently dislocated. He had a bleeding ulcer, several broken ribs, and a broken nose all of which seemed like would never heal. Scars covered his body from cigar and cigarette burns on both arms, scars on his back, buttocks and the back of his legs from the ‘belt,’ and covered with perpetual bruises. He was in severe chronic pain and constant fear for his life.

His only refuge was music, listening and playing. He started playing the violin at age seven, then cello and stand-up bass. In high school, he was considered an excellent drummer in a friends rock band.

Young Christopher contemplated both suicide and murder. But when brought to his knees by the compassion, kindness, and generosity of a local farmer who gave him an old Chevy pickup with the advice, ‘Get this running, and then you RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!’, he moved away from the impending doom of death and saw an opportunity.

Just days after receiving his driver’s license at age 15 1/2, he drove off into the unknown taking only his tool box, a grocery bag of full of clothes, a pillow, a blanket, a jacket and $38.00 in cash. A day or two later he relaxed into a new environment and had a profound mystical experience which would set the course for the rest of his life.

After five years of 18 – 20 hour days, seven days a week, often hard physical labor and driving over 6,000 miles per week, he left the food wholesale business behind.  At age 22, with only $5,000.00 in his pocket and a 9-month-old daughter, he came back to his passion for expression in music and song, playing guitar and writing lyrics of freedom and the untold bliss of Oneness. During this time he became very well known for his business and organization skills and climbed to the top of entertainment management on the West Coast of California including San Fransisco and Hollywood.

Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead above and Grace Slick of the Jefferson Starship below.)

Unsatisfied by his success he left to continue his education in psychology, fine arts and took training in healing himself and others.

Christopher became a Mind/Body/Spirit expert being a Certified Clinical (Medical) Hypnotherapist, Certified Nero-Linguistic Program Practitioner, Board Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor/Trainer, Registered Counselor, Ordained Minister, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Teaching Reiki Master, Certifications of completions in advanced Therapeutic Touch and an Herbalist practicing both Western and Ayurvedic herbal medicine.

He is also an Accredited Facilitator for Workshops in gender communication and conflict resolution; a global workshop called Essential Peacemaking/Women & Men. Christopher contributed to the Earthstewards Network facilitator manual for a workshop for teens based on the Women & Men’s Peacemaking workshop which was translated and distributed to over 55 countries around the world throughout the Earthstewards Global Network.

He spent over seven years with the Earthstewards Network on Bainbridge Island, WA. with the founder and best friend, the late best-selling author, Danaan Parry. Christopher worked with two of the Earthstewards many projects, including Peace Trees, the bringing together of young people in various conflicted areas of the world to cooperate in planting trees and learning principles of environmental restoration, conflict resolution, and cross-cultural communication. In 1996, Christopher was deeply involved with the Peace Trees Vietnam Project, fundraising for the work of combining land mine removal with reforestation and creation of a 17-acre peace park and museum on a major battlefield of the Vietnam War.

(Left to Right: K. Wind Hughes, Christopher Love, Marion Woodman and Robert Bly, discussing gender communications. 1997)

Christopher Love also spent over five years with the Daughters/Sisters project, also on Bainbridge Island, as the only man in a feminist non-profit, 501c3 organization, researching a book on young women. Christopher offered weekly focus groups for teen boys and co-facilitated groups for the boys and girls workshops. He wrote a chapter on teen relationships in the award winning and controversial international bestselling book, Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun. He and the co-author of this book, K. Wind Hughes, received recognition from the White House and President Clinton for their work in Washington State for high school teens and a federally funded abstinence program they had created together.

After the spontaneous Mystical experience at the age of 15, Christopher started studying every spiritual tradition he could get his hands on including Advaita, Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism, Christianity, Sufism, Shamanism, the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran, the Kabbalah, Mystic Poetry, Taoism, and Buddhism.

~ Age 41 – The Wildman monk on Maui for extensive training with Eli Jaxon-Bear (Gangaji’s husband) and for Satsang with Gangaji. ~

In 1994 at the age of 40, Christopher had a spontaneous spiritual awakening at a two-week Satsang silent retreat with the American women spiritual teacher Gangaji, who at that time told Christopher, “Go out and speak the Truth to as many people as possible.”

After established himself as an author, speaker, and spiritual teacher, Christopher Love emerged to become a popular headlining and keynote speaker for several years at Mind/Body/Spirit conferences across the Western U.S. At that time, Christopher was a frequent interview guest on both radio and television. In 2001, he was featured in an hour-long television interview about his extraordinary clairvoyant and intuitive healing abilities. In 2003, with listeners around the world, he was the host of a highly rated global internet radio show, which featured his music, storytelling, poetry and his powerful messages of transformation and peace on earth.

At the time of his book tours, Christopher also offered 24 Medical Self-Hypnosis CDs and 26 Spiritual and Healing Guided Meditations on CD. In 2005 Christopher was featured as the only American author to sign with ZYX Records, (a German record company) with his Guided Meditation titled, This is Just for You, in a Top-Selling two CD guided meditation set created by authors from around the world. (Click here for this Guided Meditation for Free!)

He is also an accomplished musician and composer having two of his 14 solo music CDs nominated for the coveted International New Age Trade Show Music Awards. His popular Soundscape music CDs also include leading edge Brainwave Technology for accessing different states of consciousness. Very popular in Europe and Eastern Europe, Christopher’s first solo music album titled, OM FOUND (1998) was listed on the Eastern European New Age Top 20 Charts for an unprecedented twenty-four months.

Christopher Alaya Love, with two regional bestsellers, is the author of eight books. His new book, to be launched the spring of 2019, titled, NO SECRETS, has received advanced high praise.

“In his new book, Christopher Alaya Love speaks what cannot be spoken, directing us to windows of Silence, the mysterious secret code that transforms the ego mind, opening the Heart to Luminosity, Love, and Being.”

“Bearji, is a real Mystic Revolutionary, proving again he is an oracle to the Ancient Mystery Teachings of ultimate Truths, the profound Spirituality behind all religions.”

Critically acclaimed for his books, music, guided meditations and as a spiritual teacher, his colleagues call Bearji,

“A living embodiment of spiritual recognition, a real teacher of Love and Peace… and the True Final Teacher for all who desire spiritual awakening and freedom from suffering.”

He was given many names by several different masters, all who recognized his awakening and told him to go out and teach. The name Bhajan (Bhajanji) was provided by Papaji, and the name Padma resonated from one of his Buddhist masters. But it is the nickname which his many students and followers affectionately know him as, which is Bearji. The name Bearji started on the day Gangaji told a large group that if she ‘were’ to give a spiritual name to Christopher, it would be “Love Bear.”

Also having studied and practiced Buddhism for over 28 years, and after committing to a 10-year vow, Sri Padma Bhajan lived as a Buddhist Monk in silence from June 2003 to June of 2013. In 2004, Christopher was a contributing editor for the popular Buddhist magazine, Shambhala Sun.

After the ten-year silent retreat and living life as a hermit monk, Christopher is coming back into the spotlight as Sri Padma Bhajanji or simply Bearji. Today, with nearly 10,000 friends and followers on Facebook and with a new book to launch the spring of 2019, Bearji continues to walk the path of a Satsang teacher in the lineage of Gangaji, Sri H.W.L. Poonjaji (Papaji) and Ramana Maharshi and is the founder and director of the Lotus OneSong Village.

He lives in Washington State with his cat Ali.