Abundant love is the hidden treasure…

Spiritual surrender means letting go of understanding with the mind. You have all heard teachers, and me here on FB say, ‘Be Still.’ I also enjoy saying ‘Not Know.’ The thought of surrendering to Not Knowing seems like it could be scary as it is an unknown. A Mystery. Therefore, through fear, most people are consumed and bound their entire lives within the range and scope of their own limited thoughts, imaginations, and beliefs.

We must be mindful on how imagination arises and how we get attached to the entertainment of such thoughts as they turn into our belief systems. We also need to be mindful that mystery by definition has no words, so we must relate to absolute Truth and not our limited wordy thoughts and convictions.

This is the challenge of ‘Not Knowing,’ as we deepen our fear that what we have been told, what we have turned into our survival strategies, meaning our beliefs, could be wrong. We are threatened by doubt. Maybe we are not living in the Truth? If so, what is real?

This is when we tighten our grip, we hold on to, binding ourselves to the limitations of our belief systems to keep us safe from the unknown. This is a great mistake. Belief systems are the glue of all struggle, including all so-called holy wars, that effects us all and the quarreling and suffering planet earth as we see and feel every day on the news of our times.

One of the hardest things for me is having no words… (why I use so many of them… lol) In my effort to point others to this Sacred Remembrance of ‘Self,’ my Heart fills and overflows with Love and all-consuming compassion of which my heart can’t utter. But that has never stopped me from trying.

Self is beyond mind, as the recognition is of your ‘Self’ as God. In the sacred remembrance from the experience of Self-realization, from the Union of what you have never been separate from, you too will have no words.

God Itself is a concept, a thought. Truth Itself is beyond the idea of mind, the word God, or any and all other words. Self is over and above mind. You are Mystery Itself as already awakened awareness. Clear Light Itself. Emptiness by any other name… Silent stillness.

Whatever you do or not do, please DO NOT believe what I say. Do not take this to the mind and try to make it do what you want it to do. This is not about doing or believing, it is all about your own direct realization. You must find out for yourself. You must become comfortable with the discomfort of ‘Not Knowing.’

The good news of awakening is that it only takes a millisecond.

‘Be still’ right now. ‘Not Know’ right now this instant, and allow Self to awaken your busy wordy entertaining mind to the Truth, and the Trust of Love, of Silent Consciousness, where there is never any doubt. This cannot happen with beliefs, or by reading books, or believing in channels or angels, or even following a teacher. One is alone in their own direct realization. (Hint – there is only ONE, no other to believe in.)

No need to wait… As you are already awakened. You are already That which you seek. Stop the search. Stop the mind. ‘Not Know’ and allow this Mysterious Love to swallow you in complete surrender.

~Padmā Bhājan Bearji

Abundant love is the hidden treasure that the quiet mind reveals. It doesn’t need to be talked about. It’s natural to experience and share it. ~Gangaji