All will be called into the Presence.

SS: And this is god in it self? I ask this, because I met a power which I could not find on earth- only if I was in the Vision of Oneness…. Is this power- this oneness full of love, peace, and understanding? Is this the self? I am not so sure about it- because this power was so great that I thought I have to die if I stay longer there…. I thought- God is more than the Self…. but I am not sure.  – Thank you, SS

Bearji: Go ahead and die! This is the death of the ego, not your body, nor your conscious awareness. As I say, ‘Willingness, willingness, willingness.”

“this oneness full of love, peace, and understanding?”

I would have to say, from the words you used, is that you had a ‘glimpse’ of what is ‘full of Love, Peace, and Understanding.’

You see, when one has what is truly beyond even the concept of ‘power’ in direct realization, in that ONE-ness, or what I’ll point to as, ‘Empty Awareness,’ your experience of this WHOLE one Being, is so full, you cannot move. Meaning, there is no room for doubt. This is what you will experience. The end of questions and the beginning of a new life and way of being in living. Everything is then recognized as Self. What is You; yet not your body or gender, nor your name or choice of making a living. You are only this ONE FULL LOVE. The life expression becomes one of compassionate loving kindness, no matter if you are hermit monk or a celebrity world leader.

“It is but the Self that calls Itself, and none other than the Self that realizes Itself.” ~Anandamayi Ma

It is the Self within you right now this instant which calls you to Freedom! Be very still, drop all questions, release all expectations of powerful experiences, let go of all doubt, give yourself permission to heal in this way. Call it to your arms and embrace not knowing and in what is less than a twinkling of an eye, all will be recognized as Grace. This is the Sacred Remembrance of ‘Self that realizes Itself.’ This is the Holy moment of awakening into what is beyond even the concept of Oneness.

The choiceless choice is to Awaken from the dream of samsara and live a life of simple BEING THE present moment. There is nowhere to go, all of eternity to get there, but why wait? The present moment awareness waits to greet US, all in the freedom, peace, states of Bliss, and Self-realization in the one Still point of empty mind and open heart.

Love is that full as to leave no soul behind. All will be called into the Presence!