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Silence is the attracting force of Love. Be still and allow Truth and Love to come to you.

Where is the resistance in you to awakening to the Grace of Being as All Love?

The ego aspect of mind is conditioned from birth. We build egoic identification structures from our life experience, which become our beliefs. In any attempt at understanding anything, our mind accesses memory from all our learned experiences. Also meaning we see all of life through ego’s filters of perception. Beliefs are false identifications of the ego.

The secret trick here is to drop all of your “story” for an instant. In dropping all of your storylines, including; I have a name, I am my job, I am a man, I am a woman, I am my beautiful yoga body, I am unworthy…

Just now for a split second let go of all ideas and concepts of the ego mind. Rest in this silence where there is nothing to identify with. Then you will see you already have all the answers you’ll ever need, right here and now in the silent mind of not knowing and an empty and open Heart.

The opportunity and invitation I offer are to awaken spontaneously to your True Nature as Love Itself. Be still and hold these Truths in your heart and allow them to expand into the limitless stillness of Grace. There is no escaping the Grace of Love, or Love Itself. Silence is the attracting force of Love. Be still and allow Truth and Love to come to you.

~ Bearji

This is True Mindfulness

“Flow with whatever may happen, and let your mind be free: Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.” ~Chuang Tzu

[This is in no way meaning, ‘Go with the Flow.’ – It points to living FREE in the absolute present moment with no ideas, concepts, judgments, expectations or attachments. What may come comes, what may go goes, what may stay stays. And there is no suffering, just BEING. This is True Mindfulness.] -Bearji

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The NOW moment becomes a fluid yet timeless and still constant. For me, it is a continuous intuitive pure knowing of whatever is in my field of experience as it comes, stays or goes. This is freedom from suffering and the source of all wisdom. The filters of ego perception and its efforts to control the future are gone. It’s all clear Light. ~Bearji