Books by Padma Bhajan Bearji

“I was deeply moved by your new book….”  ~ Gangaji, world-renowned spiritual teacher.

“In this highly readable book, the author reveals how we can each end the personal suffering of ego-centered thinking and the limits of human perception. At this time of global transformation, profound teachings such as this can bring us all closer to the potential for spontaneous awakening. Written by an experienced true teacher who is a clear reflection of Self-Realization, it is a must-read for all who walk the path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.” ~ Hal Zina Bennett, bestselling author.

A Great Delight! Poetic and straightforward, directing us to portholes of silence, and the essentials that transform the ego mind. Bearji is an artistic and passionate modern-day mystic, confirming again he is a seer of the secret teachings only a Sadguru can transmit. He points us with humor and a knock on the head to open our hearts to all of God’s grace and love with the profound esoteric spirituality behind all religions.

“Self is waiting at every moment.
Truth is already in you.
You are the Truth.”
~ Bearji

The author’s spiritual awakening occurred during a two-week silent retreat with the spiritual teacher Gangaji in 1994. At this time she told him, “Go out and speak the Truth to as many people as possible.” The nickname ‘Bearji’ was born from this meeting. The spiritual transmission of Gangaji, Papaji, and Sri Ramana Maharshi emerge throughout the silence between these beautiful lyrical words.

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