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No one jumps but you…


We are all here for one particular reason: to wake up to the Truth of Being.

With a fierce willingness to bring forth into your awareness all of your imperfections, and a devout mindfulness not to sell out to them, Truth Itself transforms everything into Love, Grace, and gratitude! The invitation is the end of all suffering, a life of peace and unconditional Happiness.

Awakening opens up even deeper opportunities to live, receive and give away, create and liberate, in the everlasting flowering-fresh present Now. Being and living in the ‘Now’ leads to more subtle realms of natural Mysticism and Enlightenment.

Holding the ego’s view of the world and play acting out all of its plans for happiness takes tremendous effort. Self-realization is effortless. Slip into your own Awakened Self upon a simple exhale and smile, surrendering the ego-mind to silent Self-awareness.

Being Consciousness is being Self.
‘Self’ – Here all along! Who knew?

No one jumps but you.
In the willingness
To lose everything,
you are Home.


Drink from the well of infinite stillness

“It is easy to believe we are each a self-arising wave.
It is easier to forget we are really the Ocean.

The dewdrop does become Ocean.
And the Ocean refuses no River. 
LOVE cannot be explained,
It can be experienced and expressed.

You are water saying you’re thirsty…
Drink from the well of infinite stillness.

One sip.”

Be Still

“Pure consciousness is your true nature.
Speech only points to awakening.
The Truth of Being is beyond ideas of even ‘Consciousness Itself.’
As you will one day see for yourself.

Be Still.
There are no words for Silent Awareness.”

Life is merely being naturally Mystical…

As is the nature of Truth Itself, life is merely being naturally Mystical…

“Surrendering all of your histories, and all ideas, concepts, hopes, and fears about your future, shreds all ego-mind created identifications about yourself, who you think you are or are not. One must also let go of what you think enlightenment is, and how it may or may not change your life, releasing all hope too. This, then, is the end of comparison and judgment; it’s the release of egos obsessive nature of being separate from Gods Oneness. (Oneness? – Loves beautiful emptiness, the clear Light endless nature of Self’s silent Awareness…)

When the mind stops all the turbulence of hurt, anger, and fear, including the old deep-rooted patterns of, “I’m not good enough…” or… “I am so superior to that other person…” (religions, peoples, and nations, etc.. ), disappear like morning mist in the early light.

This is the moment of inviting Grace to reveal Itself to you in what I call ‘Not Knowing.’ One millisecond is all it takes.

Finally and spontaneously giving the opening for Mystery Itself to remove the veil of illusion. The laughter begins, as Love and Wisdom expose their limitless open secrets.

There is a great awakening that happens on all levels and realms in that very instant. All of life’s horrific challenges are recognized as Grace Itself, that which has served to bring you to this sacred moment. Forgiveness isn’t even a thought as whatever was left behind after a lifetime of inner work, also vaporizes. All shadows dissolve in this Light. Finally, the Sacred Remembrance. Thank God! How many lifetimes has it been?

There is also a direct experience realization of the limitlessness of Being. You know there is no end. This is the moment poets speak of when saying, “All Gods and all Universes are in you.”

The infinite expansion
Of Wisdom and unbounded Love
To be blissfully investigated to
The depth of a
Forever and ever
Complete abandonment…

After awakening, the vigilance mandatory of awareness to remain being true to Truth, requires yet another surrender to a new life, an ever-changing and evolving way of being. A deep spiritual life, the acceptance of having a disciplined mind and an undying prioritized commitment to Self. (Mindfulness, mindfulness, mindfulness.)

But who knew that at this level, finally, it ends up being SO MUCH EASIER than the efforts of trying to make life look like how your ego thinks it should look. (Your ego cannot control karmic law.) This ease and grace relaxes one into a more profound surrender into Love’s Mysteries. After all, it is your own Self as Love Itself. What’s not to Love?

One can finally exhale and allow what comes to come, what goes to go and what remains to simply be. Acceptance and a continued ‘Not Knowing’ is freedom from suffering, and a new life of being in a living ‘spiritual practice’ by simply “Being Here Now.”

The ‘Now Wow’ bliss of spontaneous creation, breathing into being in the present moment, is the only thing that will quench the thirst now. Nothing else matters but God as Mindfulness reaps its rewards. It’s ALL right here in this endlessly flowering Now moment.

Life becomes an experience of merely being naturally Mystical… as is the nature of Truth Itself.

Like wildlife being in nature… Even magnificent mountains have a circle of life, they continually evolve into Loves Grace and Beauty, especially when crumbling back into powdery dust and being blown away with the wind into a new fresh expression of Love’s Light. …

We are all a waterbird standing in water.

It is all about meeting God and being in loving service to That which holds all mystery in the silent emptiness. That which is before and after creation. Love moves mountains. Love steps to create from its inner force and expressive powers of compassion and loving-kindness. Do that alone, and you will naturally and unknowing surrender to more and more subtle realms of Gods Now moment, and true Spiritual Awakening.”

Just being me,

After just a glimpse of Truth Itself

“After just a glimpse of Truth Itself, your whole being has the opportunity to see things simply as they are, as Spiritual Oneness beyond any attempt at definition. We are all this same Mystery, not separate from each other, planet earth, or the universe. We are spiritual essence, experiencing Itself.

Your own personal peace in life follows. Love Itself naturally arises. This peace and love then flows on to ‘others’ around you. They see your fresh new light and are drawn to it, even if they do not know what they are attracted to.” ~Bearji

Happiness is your True Nature

“Happiness is our true nature, meaning our Divine Essence of Love Itself. When we seek happiness and are really faithful in our investigation, we eventually discover it is something spiritual that we are seeking. What a divine day that is! The healing begins!

True and lasting Happiness is not found in possessions, comfort or power… Genuine happiness waits to greet us all in the surrendering of the mind, in stopping the search by simply stopping the mind in ‘not knowing.’

You are That which you seek! Stop seeking, stop thinking it is something to grasp or gain and possess.

The cosmic joke might not be funny right now, but upon awakening, all you will do is laugh in endless bliss and happiness. While deepening your realization in the Divine Essence of Love Itself, your life evolves with fresh expressions of an open loving and compassionate Heart.

After awakening, happiness is natural no matter what appears or disappears in your circumstantial and situational life experiences. Be Still now. No need to wait…”

All Love,

This is the devotion of Loves Grace.

This is the devotion of Loves Grace. – a report from a FB friend.

FB friend: W.E.H. “Thank you sincerely. What profound truth! Thank you for taking such precious time and deep consideration in answering these questions I asked you. For you are the TRUTH, I seek.

I have five libraries of books on spirituality. Now that I have to leave this home and begin again, it was the biggest shock of how many books I have bought, read and not found what I was looking for.

I take your words to my humble heart; with huge gratitude.

At last the Light ……. has opened up ….. my quest and received the one answer I needed my entire lifetime.

So magnificent the answers to my questions today ….. as I mulled them constantly. I do not know how to thank you for so personally changing my life; day by day, just by reading your posts over the past year. But today a transformation occurred that is ineffable to explain.

You articulated answers that relate to me in a way, that made perfect sense to all my crazy questions. My heart opened up as I gradually grasped your extraordinary meaning to everything life has to offer. I never saw this grandeur in such a sublime light before. I actually began to hear myself breathe properly for the first time in a year and a half. I could actually allow tears to flow, escaping the prison of my blank eyes…..because I thought I had lost all the reason to battle to see the point of it all. I felt dizzy with joy, I last felt as a child.

Tonight I will lay alone in my bed; I am determined to feel my Spirit = my Truth …. that you reminded me of.

How Sir, does a woman like me, humbly sitting spellbound on the ground, explain to you the mammoth effect you personally made on my life in just one day. I have literally taken your wisdom wholeheartedly and embraced it to my chest.

God as I know Him… placed you in my life. I am indebted to you….. my gratitude will be forever but Eternity will never be enough. I love the whole of you and what you teach. In a way great Sir, simply put …. you just saved my life.

With my first baby steps, I am giving myself the chance to give myself back to begin to love the spirit/soul of myself again.

As always my gratitude is eternal.” W.

Bearji: “Beautiful. Now be completely Still. Finally Still. Quiet the mind and Not Know.

I am very grateful and humbled by such a great report.

You have a voice I recognize from others and my own words when I tried to speak gratitude to my teachers. This is ripeness. You are a very ripe spiritual student. This is the moment RIGHT NOW.

(Finally… Right? Ha!)

I am deeply moved by your kind words. This is what happens when one has so FILLED with LOVE that it overflows everywhere and to everyone. So please, give it away freely, as you will only receive more love, then even more, and … no words can touch what’s after; ‘then even more.’

Give that Love away as fast as you can so to keep this JOY that you speak of in your heart and around your soul. This is the power and movement of Grace and Loves sweetest gift upon awakening.

I heard these words once from a woman in Colorado Springs, CO after a workshop I facilitated while I was on tour. Then 11 months later, she drove up from Colorado Springs to Denver to sit in a public meeting (Satsang) I was offering. She sat there for over an hour right in front of me, and I did not recognize her. She had to remind me who she was and how we knew each other. She had gone through such a transformation, her whole life changed, and she reflected this change well! She couldn’t stop crying in the joy of the gratitude which she tried so hard to express.

But it ends up that this gratitude can never be fully expressed as the words you seek do not exist.

This is when the old woundedness of the past has the opportunity to transform in an accelerated fashion into your unique gift to the world. Many have reported new lives filled with passion for giving to others however they can. The force of this everlasting overflowing love is now at service in only a way that you alone can offer.

This is giving your life to That! This is being the passionate giving lover of God; this is being true to Truth. True to Self. As the more love you give away, the more you will receive. This is the fire of creation! This is devotion to Loves Grace!

But… with all that said, I have nothing to do with this. I’m happy to serve in this way to let you project that onto me, but it is YOU who did this. It’s been YOU all along! Right?

I’m just being me! LOL [It’s all such a sweet cosmic joke!]

KEYWORDS: You said, ‘I have literally taken your wisdom wholeheartedly and embraced it to my chest.’

Yes, well… to all others reading this. You have to take my words Literally!

These are the instructions to awakening. STOP! Just stop!

Stop all the noise and turbulence of the mind for just a millisecond. Come on; I’m not asking much.

How? – Let go of all ego attachments for just an instant. Accept your life as it is right now without memories of the past or grasping for the future. Have the willingness to not know anything. This is surrendering to Mystery.

Two very famous words expressed in all mystical traditions across time and all of the known and unknown religions.

Be Still.

Be finally still. Really still. (not pretend still. – stop thinking) Have no expectations.

Stop seeking. You are That which you seek. It is not outside of yourself. These are the final teachings! Stop. I have said it before, and it is my job to say it again; put away all the books stacked next to your bed. Knowledge is limited. Stop all the spiritual practices that have served you so well that have brought you to this moment. Stop thinking you have to get somewhere to get something.

It has been YOU all along. It is right here and right now as you have never gone anywhere. You are Home this instant and will always remain Home. You have never been separate. Separation is the illusion of duality.

In Oneness, there is nowhere to go and all of eternity to get there.

You are what is beyond the ideas and concepts of the meaning of the word, God. And since you are God, you have unlimited power and opportunity to realize that.

Imagine for a moment that you can take away the word God and use the word Emptiness if you wish, as there is nothing that can beyond emptiness. That is the unlimitedness of Being where no words can attach.

I cannot teach you this, but I can do what I can to point anyone to their own direct experience. The true nature of God cannot be explained, but it can be experienced in spontaneous spiritual awakening, and then lived in the absolute present moment experiences of just Being in the NOW. The eternal present.

This is the external life which all religions point to. Your true nature is simply conscious awareness. Consciousness continues after the body drops.

In the absolute present moment of awareness, there is no suffering, no matter your current life situations and circumstances.

Living in the Awakened Heart Awareness, there are only Love, Bliss, Freedom, and different states of mystical experience. Life expressed as the never-ending offer of gratitude.

Dying with an awakened heart leads to appearances of so-called pure lands or heavens. Hell is right here on earth created by the thoughts of the ego mind.

All of you, be still right now. No need to wait, as waiting hasn’t served any of us.

I will always be at your service…

All in Love, Bearji

There is no escaping the Grace of Love

I thought of you because I am in yet another dilemma and I don’t want to create karma again for myself.

I am married to a foreigner, and it’s been quite some time that we are separated from each other. Meaning we live separately…. he wants to have a divorce because he has someone else in his life.

Now every time I talk about him doing the procedure for divorce, he comes up with all kinds of excuses as firstly he doesn’t want to spend money on that and secondly he will need to leave my country as per the law.

So he is happy staying here with another woman and freely and everyone kind of finding out that he has left me now as he is openly taking that other woman out.

I wanna write to the immigration authority because legally it is required… that I put an entry at the police station, etc.. But if I don’t do that it means my husband will continue to use me in a way to stay here while he is not with me?

I am angry at that thought and tired of him using me like that.
Can you put some light into this situation? Am I being bad for thinking that way? Will it create karma for me because I am hating this situation and want him out of here? Which anyways he shouldn’t be here if he’s going for divorce!!!

Bearji: “Karma has a balancing power. Clearly, you have something inside of you which is seeking this balance. It is challenging I can tell as you are faced with both legal and moral dilemma.

First, it may be a good idea to investigate your anger. What is it that is at the core of this anger? You mentioned the feelings of being used…

Now you have an opportunity to investigate “being used,” and see what is under that. Whatever it is, or wherever this thread leads, is just information. It can be valuable information to some… But the real work is yet to come even after recognizing more mother issues, father issues, or whatever it is which fixates the ego.

The solution is found in taking your awareness out of your mind and into your feeling nature. Imagine you can then feel the anger, no matter what, who, when and where… Just feel ANGER.

We are all conditioned from early childhood. We build structures of belief systems from our life experience. And our beliefs have seemingly worked well for us, at least as far as survival strategies… Yet, beliefs are false identifications of the ego. So the secret trick here is to drop all of your “story” for an instant.

Let go of, “I am a person who is being used (or whatever)… I am not happy… I am worried about my Karma…” And then drop all of your histories… Going all the way back to release all memory… Memory will still be there… Have no fear.

Just now for a split second let go of all ideas and concepts. Rest in this silence. Then you will see you already have all the answers you’ll ever need, right here and now in the silent mind of not knowing.

Now, my counsel might be something like: This is your anger, not his. Be responsible only for you. Yet, being responsible for only you means you have no need to worry about his karma. Who can say what will appear for him next? We’ll see, right? I may even say that it could be that it is perfect for him no matter what happens next… AS IT WILL BE! 

He may go back home or somewhere else or marry this new woman. Who cares? Whatever is next for him is next for him. What is next for you will be equally just what’s right. No matter what comes, goes or stays… this is where acceptance is the teacher.

You said, “…he is happy staying here with another woman…”

Let him be happy in this way.

But let yourself be happy too with what you need. It is your choice. Hold your awareness in your heart center, still the mind, relax the body… Continue to be still and as the answers unfold for you, just let them. Then… do not doubt your Heart.

Action or non-action, write the authorities or don’t write the authorities doesn’t matter, there is no escaping karma. Not until one is fully enlightened, my dear. Which also means, there is no escaping the Grace of Love, or Love Itself.

Be still and take care of YOUR heart. Be still and allow Truth to come to you. This is what matters.

Be well, my dear…

Loving, Bearji