Guided Meditation APPS

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Padma uses state-of-the-art psycho-acoustic Brainwave Entrainment audio technology and dreamy Soundscape music to guide your brainwaves into a deep state of trance and relaxation. He uses an exceptional combination of brainwaves and acoustic effects, tones, and vibrations that are exclusive to his work. These are his creations for sound healing and a guided journey to the Sacred.

This title uses a unique combination of Alpha and Theta brainwaves, perfectly designed for a blissful state of deep relaxation and silencing of the mind for a sense of stillness and mental calm. An awakened state of clear awareness for the purpose of discovering higher levels of wisdom, inner peace, and even spiritual awakening. This guided meditation, with its very specific brainwaves, stimulate neural development and can progressively train your mind to attain these states and deep levels of consciousness at will. One of the sounds, tones and vibrations are that of OM: a tone is known in India as “Sadja” or the Sacred Sound of OM, the primordial sound of Creation. The vibrations and tones of the “Sadja” heal at the cellular levels of the body.

Alpha and Theta brainwave states have been realized by meditation masters for centuries. Alpha brainwaves are those most frequently found when you are in a deep meditation state. The presence of alpha waves indicates that you are in a relaxed deep and peaceful soothing state of mind. This state of mind, of relaxed mental awareness and reflection, is superbly beneficial to the exploration of deeper levels of consciousness where personal and spiritual insights await to greet and teach you.

Alpha brainwave states relate to peace, mindfulness, visualization, and contemplation, what the great meditation masters and mystics strive for.

Theta brainwaves states are slower in frequency and correspond with even deeper relaxation and rejuvenating meditation which can result in reduced stress, greater health, and well-being, a sense of lasting calm, improved creativity and balance, more restful sleep and may elicit lucid dreaming.

The Theta state of consciousness is what Shamans around the world access for altered states of consciousness and journeys into the deep mysteries of the Universe.

This specific guided meditation, Padma uses his original music and pioneering Brainwave Neuro-Technology as one of the main Healing aspects of this work. This meditation is meant to be played loud with either headphones or speakers for the full effect as to incorporate Vibrational SOUND HEALING with this guided journey. It’s not required, just highly suggested.

DO NOT listen to this while driving or immediately responsible afterward for young children. This meditation will MEDITATE YOU!

Padma composed all the music and played all the instruments utilizing countless digital tracks.