Give up!

Student: Dear Teacher… I literally have thousands of books, watch countless videos on metaphysical topics. It’s become an attachment, fixation (an addiction). How do I shake this grasping? Feels like I’m running in a circle. How do I call off the search?

Bearji: Give up!

Student: Lmao… awesome!

Bearji your messages come at [the] right moments. You are a gifted guru/teacher putting the mirror back on me. These are dark moments going within for refuge.

Bearji: Yes… seemingly dark…


Bearji: Life can seem to be horrible at times, and there is no denying that… but upon awakening, it is all seen, recognized, at a much higher level of Truth. The perception of what has been called ‘Horrible’ looks different, now seen from a new ‘location’ in Truth, as Grace Itself.

This grace has severed you to seek and to come to the end of your rope finally… [Let go of the rope!] But with the tremendous good luck to ask the right question at the right time… My job is to get you to understand the word STOP finally. Stop meaning STOP! Stop all thoughts; you have to NOT KNOW ANYTHING. No mind, all heart.

It takes less than a second, as it is you already. All the seeking seeking seeking ends up merely being the path; life is the path… then one day, finally one needs to ‘give up’ the search. As it is not outside of you. It has been YOU all along.

Yet, within this realization, the so-called ‘veil of illusion’ is lifted, the Voice of Wisdom is revealed, and all of what you have tasted during your life called LOVE is multiplied by what is the true limitlessness of your own Being. Love, being an endless Mystery flowering its own Self back into its Self.

Self-Realization profoundly changes one’s life forever. I mean FOREVER!

Such is the face of Grace as what is undeniably ‘Horrible.’

One of the rules in the guru handbook is to only speak from direct experience. You are in the right place.


PS. These are the right questions, coming from a ripe student. Anyone can choose to ask me a question. I am at your service.