Happiness is your True Nature

“Happiness is our true nature, meaning our Divine Essence of Love Itself. When we seek happiness and are really faithful in our investigation, we eventually discover it is something spiritual that we are seeking. What a divine day that is! The healing begins!

True and lasting Happiness is not found in possessions, comfort or power… Genuine happiness waits to greet us all in the surrendering of the mind, in stopping the search by simply stopping the mind in ‘not knowing.’

You are That which you seek! Stop seeking, stop thinking it is something to grasp or gain and possess.

The cosmic joke might not be funny right now, but upon awakening, all you will do is laugh in endless bliss and happiness. While deepening your realization in the Divine Essence of Love Itself, your life evolves with fresh expressions of an open loving and compassionate Heart.

After awakening, happiness is natural no matter what appears or disappears in your circumstantial and situational life experiences. Be Still now. No need to wait…”

All Love,