Heaven and Hell?

You are not your name, not your job, not even your gender. You have a body, but you are not this body. You are consciousness becoming aware of your own Self as the nature of Clear Awareness, That which is One Awareness. You are That which has never been born and never dies. This is the eternal life which religions around the world point. I feel it is mostly misunderstood as some kind of body-form in yet another form, as in an eternal heaven.

Until the ego dissolves in the Clear Light of Truth, it will continue to attach on to and identify with anything and everything, including all kinds of ideas about Hell realms and Heavenly afterlife Bliss.

No matter what the intellect knows, or thinks it knows, the Heart must be ‘realize.’ It is all revealed as empty Oneness, where there are no forms. This is what needs to be realized before one can move through pure lands, heavens and unimaginable phenomenon. The paradox here is that one must realize Self as empty Oneness, before dancing in other realms, pure lands, and heavens. It must always remain a mystery, and this is what the ego cannot accept is this mystery, as in limitless emptiness there is no other for ego identification.

The suffering lies in our desires, reaching, obsessing, and grasping a happier future. AND in the running away from not only the past but all other ‘abominations.’ (HELL) All of which are mind created and supported, which are actually false identifications of the ego. This requires SO MUCH EFFORT!

Ask yourself ‘Who am I?’ and be still in the non-answer. Relax the mind. Rest the mind into the mysterious unknown silent Beloved. The joke here is that BEING STILL is what takes no effort.”