Lotus OneSong Village

We are getting close to our first goal! Just a few moments of your time can help this profoundly important project; The Lotus OneSong Eco-Spirituality Village, cultivating self-reliance and sovereignty through sustainable and simple living along with the study and practice of spiritual Self Realization offered by the Villages many spiritual traditions in Harmony, as One Song.  A purpose for the unity of family, community, nations, and a peaceful, non-violent way of cooperation in the restoration of our planet and the cessation of all hostility amongst all humanity on earth and the opportunity for peaceful and sustainable living.

How much time would you like to donate? 

The founder is the American born author, Christopher Alaya Love, now known as the beloved and awakened spiritual teacher, Sri Padma Bhajanji, affectionately known as Bearji, has given his life to healing, spiritual awakening, the conscious evolution of humanity, and efforts for planting seeds for peace on earth.

This Truth Community Foundation has the purpose to educate, promote transformational healing through compassion and loving kindness, and the spiritual connectedness in all beings and all things, and is ultimately dedicated to Peace on Earth through the conscious evolution of all humanity. What follows are just the bullet points actually of what is a much higher vision.

The intentions of this spiritual center are first and foremost to learn and teach listening and peaceful communication, compassion and loving kindness, for the balanced living and leadership between women and men.  

The village embraces and welcomes all traditions and spiritual teachings that are pure and taught by a compassionate true Master. Shamanism to Sufism, Buddhism to Judaism, Hinduism to Karshimri Shaivism, Advaita to Taoism, Native American (Native Peoples) to Naturism.  Sri Padma Bhajan Bearji holds the visions of revealing the One mystery teaching organic and elemental of all religions. Offering all these teachers to explore all others, discovering the common ground, discoursing the teachings and deepening the One Ground on which Truth stands unmoving as the One Truth.   

Life takes extraordinary skill and knowledge; all the specialized specific experiences takes generations to acquire the core wisdom and recognize how everything in the universe is connected. When combining the wisdom from our elders and with proper guidance and training at an early age, our youth can then combine their knowledge and wisdom with modern Technolgy to create what is best for the world, in all realms of living. With insight and foresight and intention what comes out of this Village will not be for greed or consumerism, but for balance and right living and right livelihood to support all including the planet earth.

We will give back locally and globally to our young people in learning principles of environmental restoration, conflict resolution, and cross-cultural communication. We will teach Peace through loving kindness and compassion to our future global leaders. We will network with other like-minded communities globally. 

The OneSong Village will require all of what any community requires: Doctors, lawyers, bankers, bakers and pizza makers, farmers, ranchers, mechanics, drivers, pilots and poets, managers, teachers, and healers, environmentalists, eco-system scientists, engineers, builders, and recyclers, retailers, marketers, designers and developers, artists, musicians, roofers and plumbers! All colors, races, nationalities, and genders working, living, sharing and always celebrating absolutely everything!

Use your imagination on how you fit in. Alternative Energy? Organic farming? Reforestation? Grant writer, accountant, or administrators? Midwife? Day care? Teacher, counselor, sports director? Publishing, Audio/Video, or Social Media? Elderly care or funeral director?

What we need TODAY!

1. Web designer.

2. A social media master who has knowledge of social media marketing platforms for digital downloads.

3. Blogger master with the skills and knowledge of internet protocols.

4. A video producer. I have many audio tracks right now that can be used with video.

5. Lawyer to file the 501c3 paperwork.

Questions, comments, volunteers and just to say hello, contact Bearji from this website.

Goal for 2017 $140,00.00
Goal for 2018 $1.1 million
Goal by 2020 $220 million