“Love Itself shines True.” – Q&A with Bearji

“Love Itself shines True.” – Q&A with Bearji

RK: “Hello, Bearji! How are you? I thought about you today. I understand you live in the woods in the Pacific northwest right? I was wondering, is there anything that really bothers you when you go to the big cities around you?

Bearji: “Everything! – LOL – The noise, the traffic, the rushing here and there… But I still go there when I have to!

RK: “I don’t like how I am when I’m in traffic. So I’m wondering how do you deal with it when you’re really bothered by all these things?

I found myself yelling at someone today, and I was so angry for a moment. At this point in my spiritual development I feel like I should be in a position where I’m more laid back about these things but no I’m not where I need to be. So I was just thinking about you wondering if you’re struggling with the same or similar issues.

Bearji: “I never allow my self to struggle.

If something continues to be a ‘bother’ I will investigate what it is within myself that is triggered. Then I’ll apologize to myself, forgive myself, and let it go.

If it serves you in a way for internal- inner investigation, it is Grace which appears. Pay attention to what arises. If you ignore it or blame another, or the city, or the noise, or whatever… then it will continue to reside within you and will arise again.

Be still, do not be so hard on yourself, or feel like you are behind of your own spiritual development. It is just a reminder. It’s the old enemy, which is now the ally who is a reminder to be still….

Take your awareness into your heart and out of mind. FEEL the anger completely. But with no thoughts of who, what, when, and where, no thinking…

RK: “Lol – No telling what I would do.

Bearji: “Just feel anger… Right now or as soon as you can. Just feel the anger as I have described, and you will see, you will discover, that anger doesn’t even exist.

RK: “Oh! When you said that it makes sense to me! And what a relief! Really. To know that it doesn’t really exist…

Bearji: “Exactly… Sweet…

RK: “But the truth is I’ve hurt some people by being angry, and that was and maybe still a real experience.

Bearji: “So anytime hurt, anger or fear arises from ego, feel whatever it is fully, and you will continue to condition your mind to know this, and soon you’ll be living in the present moment where nothing really matters.

In the present moment awareness that meets the current moment as it arises, all there is is the intuitional knowing that it is all perfect. Yet, in the perfection, you still have choices if you choose to make a choice… It becomes living in action and non-action. No matter action or non-action, it all appears, and nurtures as Grace.

Even acting out with some anger is a choice, you see…

So, as a teacher, and I am sitting with someone, and I have the awareness that a taste of anger from the Guru is what’s right…. So it is… And I am often challenged, my teachings are causing trouble for some Christians online here on FB. Their egos can’t handle the idea that Jesus is not the only true teacher… So when this appears, I am kind, compassionate, and point to the heart of the Truth. When they come back with their anger, I meet that with authority, which can sound like angry. I offer one more taste of the Truth always knowing I’ll give them time to reply and then soon actually block them from any further ‘bothering me.’ So anger is a choice, now and after awakening.

But mostly, it is not chosen….  Because laughter is the language of Love and Awakening… I laugh at myself all day long!

RK: “I agree it is a choice though it doesn’t feel that way when you’re in the midst of it.

Bearji: “Yes, this is the reaction… This isn’t a choice. That is the ego.
You can be aware that the anger is arising and choose another path, or decide to express anger. Sometimes it is appropriate… If I saw someone abusing their child at the market, I would be quick to be reactive! This is okay.

RK: “So let me ask you this… Suppose you’re in heavy traffic, and you’re tired and hungry, and you just want to get to where you want to go… And somebody does something stupid, and you’re angry. In your awakened state, what would that remind you of? – Or what would you tell yourself?

Bearji: “I would remind myself that I need not take anything personally… And that they have their issues too. Who can say what is going on with their day or their life? AND… If it suited me to let them know they are reckless or dangerous, I might honk my horn! – LOL – There is something to say about not keeping things in, right?

RK: “Absolutely.

Bearji: “If they seem like they could be a danger to others… I try to take responsibility for helping others… So it could be that I do nothing, knowing it won’t make a difference, or I may call 911 and have the police deal with it. These days in the USA, one must be mindful at what one says or suggests to others using one finger as these people have GUNS! So I drive with authority, but with feminine energy, a Taoist energy… Let others go by…

RK: “In a situation like the one I described, if I were able to look down at myself and others stuck in traffic and if I were able to see and feel what everyone there was going through I would probably be much more compassionate.

Bearji: “Well sure, this is what to do in all situations. I understand that my life of struggle is not unique to me. We all have challenges… Even living in the present moment as an awakened being has its situational challenges. These don’t go away…. If one still has a body and survival needs, shit still happens…

Having compassion and loving kindness for others also includes having compassion and loving kindness for yourself too.

RK: ‘Yes it does… Yes, it does…

Bearji: “Yell, or don’t yell… doesn’t matter. It only matters if it does to you as it hurts you to have anger still. Right? So you investigate, feel it fully, like I said, and release it and yourself to be free.

Anger only desires freedom too! Right now this moment, feel it fully without the mind knowing of why or who or want, etc..


RK: “I feel freedom coming!

Bearji: “Freedom is always here, it is making an appearance.
Yes, beautiful… so laugh at it all and let freedom come!

RK: “I’m feeling its presence!

Bearji: “Feel this now fully! No mind! ALL HEART

RK: “I am. Heart expanding

Bearji: “Sweet… (pause) Now take your awareness out in every direction of this expanding… is there an end to Heart expansion?

RK: “No…

Bearji: “Stay here. Be here. Be still now…


RK: “This is a special moment in my life… Thank you for helping me get to…. such a wonderful place . . .

Bearji: “I had nothing to do with it, my dear. The awakened Light that is in you has everything to do with this. The character of who you are has everything to do with this…

RK: “Beautiful! Thank you…

Bearji: “This is Grace. Love Itself shines True.