Love will overflow in your life in every direction

Happiness is our true nature. When we seek happiness and are ruthlessly faithful in our investigation, we eventually discover it is something spiritual that we are seeking. True and lasting happiness is not found in possessions, lovers, more comfort or power… or anything else that is impermanent. 

You are That which you seek! You are this Mystery. Stop seeking, stop thinking it is something to grasp or gain and possess. Wherever you seek, leads you off the mark… Genuine happiness waits to greet us all in the surrendering of the mind, in ending the search by simply stopping the mind and all its beliefs for just a millisecond in ‘not knowing.’ 

The invitation and opportunity is a life of peace, freedom from suffering and living life mindfully in the present moment… As I like to say… There is no need to wait… Be still now. Silence Itself is at the core of everything that exists. Silence is your highest true nature. 

Living mindfully in the present moment, happiness is natural no matter what appears or disappears in your circumstantial and situational life experiences.

While deepening your awakening in what is uncreated, unstained and untouched silent Mysterious Truth Itself, that which is Self, that which is divine essence of Love Itself, your life evolves with fresh expressions of an open loving, kind, and compassionate Heart. One Heart. 

When my teacher told me to offer Satsang, one of her instructions was to only speak from direct experience. If you are new to my teachings, welcome. You are in the right place. Be still. Allow me to point you to the essence of ‘Loves Golden Necture.’

Then you will see for yourself how Love will overflow in your life in every direction. You will know happiness, laughter, and peace no matter what appears, stays or disappears in your life. This is the end of all fears, including death, and the beginning of an endless and limitless mystery.

May Peace be with you. May all beings wake up. Let there be Peace on Earth. Om Shanti Shanti Om. 

~Padmā Bhājan Bearji