One must have a broken heart…

One must have a broken heart… We have all heard the quote: ‘Where the vase is cracked is where the Light comes in.’

The Light of a broken heart reveals your tenderness and vulnerability to what may come with the unknown future.

It hurts… Right?

A wounded heart needs healing. Bring your awareness to your broken Heart and allow it to be filled with Light and Grace.

A healing heart has the opportunity to discover even deeper levels of your sensitivity, empathy for others, and higher levels of understanding, compassion, and loving-kindness. The invitation is to see all of humanity with warmth and love, as indeed, all people are suffering, all people are healing something.

This then can uncover other and much older personal issues of hurt, anger, fear, mistrust and more, potentially going back to early childhood.

Yet this is the good news, as you have recognized where and what you want to heal so to make new choices, breaking old patterns, bettering yourself and your life.

Healing a broken heart becomes the FIRE of Awakening, WHERE TRUE CHARACTER IS FORGED. And that is the whole point!

Please shift your perception of doing inner work, as it doesn’t have to be hard. It won’t be hard if you embrace it. Break the patterns! Do it today, or years from now, or a few hundred more lifetimes. No need to wait. 

See the inner work as an opportunity to evolve and awaken. What appears to be hard, is not, it is Grace trying to show you where to hold your awareness. Grace Itself has the appearance of two faces. 

After awakening, we are still put through such tests in life. Yet these tests end up being welcomed, and eventually, the only thing that really matters. As this is where you continue to deepen your self-realization, endlessly expanding in Love Itself with acceptance, no attachments, freedom from suffering, and endless higher levels of the Truth of Being.

This is the infinite treasure of Silence… No one has ever reported an end to spiritual awakening.

When Truth reveals Itself to you in Awakening, you will be filled with so much pure Love, it will shine brightly as it overflows and pours out of you with complete surrender. This is true Baptism! And the more Love you give away, the more of Loves golden nectar flows into your Heart and overflows endlessly into the future. This is GRACE…

Embrace Grace. 

Blessings and all Love, 
~Padmā Bhājan Bearji