Life is merely being naturally Mystical…

As is the nature of Truth Itself, life is merely being naturally Mystical…

“Surrendering all of your histories, and all ideas, concepts, hopes, and fears about your future, shreds all ego-mind created identifications about yourself, who you think you are or are not. One must also let go of what you think enlightenment is, and how it may or may not change your life, releasing all hope too. This, then, is the end of comparison and judgment; it’s the release of egos obsessive nature of being separate from Gods Oneness. (Oneness? – Loves beautiful emptiness, the clear Light endless nature of Self’s silent Awareness…)

When the mind stops all the turbulence of hurt, anger, and fear, including the old deep-rooted patterns of, “I’m not good enough…” or… “I am so superior to that other person…” (religions, peoples, and nations, etc.. ), disappear like morning mist in the early light.

This is the moment of inviting Grace to reveal Itself to you in what I call ‘Not Knowing.’ One millisecond is all it takes.

Finally and spontaneously giving the opening for Mystery Itself to remove the veil of illusion. The laughter begins, as Love and Wisdom expose their limitless open secrets.

There is a great awakening that happens on all levels and realms in that very instant. All of life’s horrific challenges are recognized as Grace Itself, that which has served to bring you to this sacred moment. Forgiveness isn’t even a thought as whatever was left behind after a lifetime of inner work, also vaporizes. All shadows dissolve in this Light. Finally, the Sacred Remembrance. Thank God! How many lifetimes has it been?

There is also a direct experience realization of the limitlessness of Being. You know there is no end. This is the moment poets speak of when saying, “All Gods and all Universes are in you.”

The infinite expansion
Of Wisdom and unbounded Love
To be blissfully investigated to
The depth of a
Forever and ever
Complete abandonment…

After awakening, the vigilance mandatory of awareness to remain being true to Truth, requires yet another surrender to a new life, an ever-changing and evolving way of being. A deep spiritual life, the acceptance of having a disciplined mind and an undying prioritized commitment to Self. (Mindfulness, mindfulness, mindfulness.)

But who knew that at this level, finally, it ends up being SO MUCH EASIER than the efforts of trying to make life look like how your ego thinks it should look. (Your ego cannot control karmic law.) This ease and grace relaxes one into a more profound surrender into Love’s Mysteries. After all, it is your own Self as Love Itself. What’s not to Love?

One can finally exhale and allow what comes to come, what goes to go and what remains to simply be. Acceptance and a continued ‘Not Knowing’ is freedom from suffering, and a new life of being in a living ‘spiritual practice’ by simply “Being Here Now.”

The ‘Now Wow’ bliss of spontaneous creation, breathing into being in the present moment, is the only thing that will quench the thirst now. Nothing else matters but God as Mindfulness reaps its rewards. It’s ALL right here in this endlessly flowering Now moment.

Life becomes an experience of merely being naturally Mystical… as is the nature of Truth Itself.

Like wildlife being in nature… Even magnificent mountains have a circle of life, they continually evolve into Loves Grace and Beauty, especially when crumbling back into powdery dust and being blown away with the wind into a new fresh expression of Love’s Light. …

We are all a waterbird standing in water.

It is all about meeting God and being in loving service to That which holds all mystery in the silent emptiness. That which is before and after creation. Love moves mountains. Love steps to create from its inner force and expressive powers of compassion and loving-kindness. Do that alone, and you will naturally and unknowing surrender to more and more subtle realms of Gods Now moment, and true Spiritual Awakening.”

Just being me,

After just a glimpse of Truth Itself

“After just a glimpse of Truth Itself, your whole being has the opportunity to see things simply as they are, as Spiritual Oneness beyond any attempt at definition. We are all this same Mystery, not separate from each other, planet earth, or the universe. We are spiritual essence, experiencing Itself.

Your own personal peace in life follows. Love Itself naturally arises. This peace and love then flows on to ‘others’ around you. They see your fresh new light and are drawn to it, even if they do not know what they are attracted to.” ~Bearji

Happiness is your True Nature

“Happiness is our true nature, meaning our Divine Essence of Love Itself. When we seek happiness and are really faithful in our investigation, we eventually discover it is something spiritual that we are seeking. What a divine day that is! The healing begins!

True and lasting Happiness is not found in possessions, comfort or power… Genuine happiness waits to greet us all in the surrendering of the mind, in stopping the search by simply stopping the mind in ‘not knowing.’

You are That which you seek! Stop seeking, stop thinking it is something to grasp or gain and possess.

The cosmic joke might not be funny right now, but upon awakening, all you will do is laugh in endless bliss and happiness. While deepening your realization in the Divine Essence of Love Itself, your life evolves with fresh expressions of an open loving and compassionate Heart.

After awakening, happiness is natural no matter what appears or disappears in your circumstantial and situational life experiences. Be Still now. No need to wait…”

All Love,

Find yourself in Union with what is ALL LOVE. ~Satsang with Bearji

Find yourself in Union with what is ALL LOVE. ~Bearji

Namaste Bearji, Can I ask you a question? I have a tantric relationship with a married man since a year. We share deep, powerful cosmic moments and we are so grateful for that. What a gift of life. But sometimes my ego is getting in the way, and then I would like to live a relationship like that, completely, profoundly, totally without restrictions of time, and it is very difficult for me to manage this frustration.

What we share during these moments is so intense and pure love, connected to each other and the entire universe, that it is very difficult for me afterwards to go back to my daily life.

I thought sharing this kind of love would help me to beam it into the world and be love to everyone that I meet. But I’m in a phase of frustration and even depression afterwards.

Until I met him, I only shared this kind of love with the soul of people who died or were close to dead. It is magic to share this with a person who’s alive. When I’m with him, I am love in the purest way, my question is, why can’t I keep this high level of love when I’m without him? So I can be love all the time and share it with everyone all the time.


Bearji: “There is a lot to unravel here, so I feel the most direct way is to be very candid. I will also let you know that I too was partnered with a woman for several years and we practiced these Tantric practices and seemingly were very good at it… So I am aware of these states… So when you say, ‘We share deep, powerful cosmic moments…’ I question the ‘moments’ as my experiences of Tranta Sexual practices were HOURS of cosmic bliss, especially for the woman. Four hours minimum. Sting states he goes longer than eight hours, I have no doubt. The stories go one Tantric master can service 40 women in one night.

I found it better to be at the service of one woman all night. So did she! She described these states as being one with God and having an out of body experience while at the same time having a full body orgasm. She would speak in tounges, then be speechless… audible sounds and her eyes rolling into the back of her head, I could tell when she was moving through mystical realms… I would hold her there for hours… Often later she would effort to find words for the incredible and indescribable levels of pleasure and deep Union with God.

So… ‘moments’ makes me wonder…

I do not doubt the connection you are feeling and the high states of sexual bliss. Nor do I doubt the feelings of expanded love. But for now, let’s take the word and idea of Tantric sex out of this as we take it all apart. This is the egos need to create its desired future through fantasy. Making plans and imagining all kinds of outcomes, often obsessively. (This is fear.)

I am not ignoring the fact he is married, and you stated you would like to live in a relationship like this… I have no judgment at all and offer others who may read this not to judge either.

The cosmic power works in mysterious ways to attract us wherever we need to be next for a powerful life experience, all so often in some life situation and circumstance. This is how we get in so much trouble as it is our ego mind that makes these choices.

The mind is under the influence of the ego’s desires which is the attracting force the Universe recognizes and with, all too often, a very spontaneous reaction placing someone who will serve you well, right in front of you. (Sound familiar everyone?) I’m sure he was surprised by his actions and has said as much. This is the attracting force of Karma for both of you. He has his lessons here too. And those others who are close to him and close to you, all have roles in this cosmic play.

The source of your suffering here is of two things, the misidentification of the ego and the firm pull from that which is desire, and the attachment to what is the object desired.

I really want to ask you about, ‘this kind of love with the soul of people who died or were close to dead.’

For now, I will imagine your heart was blown wide open in those moments. The Love with a soul you felt when around people who have passed or are in the process of dying. You explain this to be the same as when in sexual union.

Your heart is blown open. I would say you are having what I call a ‘Glimpse’ of Truth Itself as this cosmic Oneness which indeed is felt and recognized as LOVE. The ‘purest’ was one of your words…

You are Love, and you are already sharing this Love all the time. It may not appear to you and others of love, but trust me, every effort made by the intelligence of the universe through you and your filtered egos perception, is Grace Itself no matter the effect.

But… to help you I will only ask you to take your awareness inward into the LOVE of your heart and just sit still in that. Very simple. Silence now is the attracting force.

You can, if you wish, hold the intention of self-discovery and ask to see what it is within you which is under all desires, what is under your frustration, what is under your ideas of managing the frustration. (Come on all you fabulous women out there, speak to her about managing the frustration during a romantic affair.)

Or you can just be still, take your awareness OUT of your MIND, and into your feeling nature of the Heart.

The divine presence of God is there in your heart. All you have to do is be quite enough to hear the Voice of Wisdom. The wisdom aspect of consciousness if you will. It is right here and now and in you, it is you. You are LOVE. All the masters from every tradition end up stating the same things, one of which is, ‘You are That which you seek.’ You are That. That which has no words, so ego identification can’t touch it.

This is the self-realization which you really desire, and is that which you are getting glimpses. So you can do your inner work, which I highly suggest, locate and shed the ego misidentifications, or go right to God and find yourself in Union with what is ALL LOVE. This is the sacred remembrance we all long for from deep inside our hearts. It is an open secret that you are God. But the word ‘God’ has so many ‘attachments’ to ideas and concepts, all of which we all must move past, at least for an instant. (Part of the trickery of Wisdoms great play.)

I like to say; YOU ARE THE TRUTH. You are Love Itself. When you have this direct experience, you will see in that same instant that all the profound suffering in all of the life situations and circumstances, that which I called the intelligence of the universe backed by the power of Karma, is Grace Itself. The suffering points us all to seek what is not suffering.

Yet we seek pleasures in all forms of experiences and possessions thinking these will bring us happiness, but we remain empty while being surrounded with stuff and still suffering unusual and often very profound circumstances.

It is peace from suffering we seek. Freedom from emotional pain and mental anxiety. Grace Itself.

Grace – Love – Truth Itself – It remains a Mystery as it should, as there is no end, no birth, no death, only awareness. One Awareness. Beyond the idea of Awareness where even the ‘I’ disappears. Limitless Emptiness. Where the mind stops and Love IS.

Be still. Have the desire to end all desires, and that is to awaken. Be mindful of your ego, of all your ideas and concepts about the future and how you think you can make that happen. (Cosmic jokes appear here, and they are not usually at all amusing.)

Mindfulness in daily living and choices, and spiritual practice, time alone, meditation, reading sacred texts, yoga, Tai Chi, whatever suits your busy life. Balance is what we all need.

The glow of Love will beam off of you and the natural state of expressing loving kindness, and compassion for all others will follow. It is the Silence which reflects this Light.

Love YOURSELF this much.

Find yourself first. Be you. Then allow a romantic relationship to unfold. Live in the Now moment in the Heart and the wisdom of all time will guide your intuition. This is where there is no such thing as ‘afterwards, or ‘depression.” Then bliss states manifest in many ways as samadhi and so much more.

Limitlessness…. Beyond imagination and fantasy.

Silent Awareness is the one true attracting force behind all movement of life. Be That! No need to wait.

Namaste’… and please reply, ask questions or give a report. Stay connected. 

Blessings and all Love, Bearji

“Love Itself shines True.” – Q&A with Bearji

“Love Itself shines True.” – Q&A with Bearji

RK: “Hello, Bearji! How are you? I thought about you today. I understand you live in the woods in the Pacific northwest right? I was wondering, is there anything that really bothers you when you go to the big cities around you?

Bearji: “Everything! – LOL – The noise, the traffic, the rushing here and there… But I still go there when I have to!

RK: “I don’t like how I am when I’m in traffic. So I’m wondering how do you deal with it when you’re really bothered by all these things?

I found myself yelling at someone today, and I was so angry for a moment. At this point in my spiritual development I feel like I should be in a position where I’m more laid back about these things but no I’m not where I need to be. So I was just thinking about you wondering if you’re struggling with the same or similar issues.

Bearji: “I never allow my self to struggle.

If something continues to be a ‘bother’ I will investigate what it is within myself that is triggered. Then I’ll apologize to myself, forgive myself, and let it go.

If it serves you in a way for internal- inner investigation, it is Grace which appears. Pay attention to what arises. If you ignore it or blame another, or the city, or the noise, or whatever… then it will continue to reside within you and will arise again.

Be still, do not be so hard on yourself, or feel like you are behind of your own spiritual development. It is just a reminder. It’s the old enemy, which is now the ally who is a reminder to be still….

Take your awareness into your heart and out of mind. FEEL the anger completely. But with no thoughts of who, what, when, and where, no thinking…

RK: “Lol – No telling what I would do.

Bearji: “Just feel anger… Right now or as soon as you can. Just feel the anger as I have described, and you will see, you will discover, that anger doesn’t even exist.

RK: “Oh! When you said that it makes sense to me! And what a relief! Really. To know that it doesn’t really exist…

Bearji: “Exactly… Sweet…

RK: “But the truth is I’ve hurt some people by being angry, and that was and maybe still a real experience.

Bearji: “So anytime hurt, anger or fear arises from ego, feel whatever it is fully, and you will continue to condition your mind to know this, and soon you’ll be living in the present moment where nothing really matters.

In the present moment awareness that meets the current moment as it arises, all there is is the intuitional knowing that it is all perfect. Yet, in the perfection, you still have choices if you choose to make a choice… It becomes living in action and non-action. No matter action or non-action, it all appears, and nurtures as Grace.

Even acting out with some anger is a choice, you see…

So, as a teacher, and I am sitting with someone, and I have the awareness that a taste of anger from the Guru is what’s right…. So it is… And I am often challenged, my teachings are causing trouble for some Christians online here on FB. Their egos can’t handle the idea that Jesus is not the only true teacher… So when this appears, I am kind, compassionate, and point to the heart of the Truth. When they come back with their anger, I meet that with authority, which can sound like angry. I offer one more taste of the Truth always knowing I’ll give them time to reply and then soon actually block them from any further ‘bothering me.’ So anger is a choice, now and after awakening.

But mostly, it is not chosen….  Because laughter is the language of Love and Awakening… I laugh at myself all day long!

RK: “I agree it is a choice though it doesn’t feel that way when you’re in the midst of it.

Bearji: “Yes, this is the reaction… This isn’t a choice. That is the ego.
You can be aware that the anger is arising and choose another path, or decide to express anger. Sometimes it is appropriate… If I saw someone abusing their child at the market, I would be quick to be reactive! This is okay.

RK: “So let me ask you this… Suppose you’re in heavy traffic, and you’re tired and hungry, and you just want to get to where you want to go… And somebody does something stupid, and you’re angry. In your awakened state, what would that remind you of? – Or what would you tell yourself?

Bearji: “I would remind myself that I need not take anything personally… And that they have their issues too. Who can say what is going on with their day or their life? AND… If it suited me to let them know they are reckless or dangerous, I might honk my horn! – LOL – There is something to say about not keeping things in, right?

RK: “Absolutely.

Bearji: “If they seem like they could be a danger to others… I try to take responsibility for helping others… So it could be that I do nothing, knowing it won’t make a difference, or I may call 911 and have the police deal with it. These days in the USA, one must be mindful at what one says or suggests to others using one finger as these people have GUNS! So I drive with authority, but with feminine energy, a Taoist energy… Let others go by…

RK: “In a situation like the one I described, if I were able to look down at myself and others stuck in traffic and if I were able to see and feel what everyone there was going through I would probably be much more compassionate.

Bearji: “Well sure, this is what to do in all situations. I understand that my life of struggle is not unique to me. We all have challenges… Even living in the present moment as an awakened being has its situational challenges. These don’t go away…. If one still has a body and survival needs, shit still happens…

Having compassion and loving kindness for others also includes having compassion and loving kindness for yourself too.

RK: ‘Yes it does… Yes, it does…

Bearji: “Yell, or don’t yell… doesn’t matter. It only matters if it does to you as it hurts you to have anger still. Right? So you investigate, feel it fully, like I said, and release it and yourself to be free.

Anger only desires freedom too! Right now this moment, feel it fully without the mind knowing of why or who or want, etc..


RK: “I feel freedom coming!

Bearji: “Freedom is always here, it is making an appearance.
Yes, beautiful… so laugh at it all and let freedom come!

RK: “I’m feeling its presence!

Bearji: “Feel this now fully! No mind! ALL HEART

RK: “I am. Heart expanding

Bearji: “Sweet… (pause) Now take your awareness out in every direction of this expanding… is there an end to Heart expansion?

RK: “No…

Bearji: “Stay here. Be here. Be still now…


RK: “This is a special moment in my life… Thank you for helping me get to…. such a wonderful place . . .

Bearji: “I had nothing to do with it, my dear. The awakened Light that is in you has everything to do with this. The character of who you are has everything to do with this…

RK: “Beautiful! Thank you…

Bearji: “This is Grace. Love Itself shines True.

You are the Truth

“The Truth is already in you. You are the Truth.” ~Bearji

Empty & Open

“You will see you already have all the answers you’ll ever need, right here and now in the silent mind of not knowing and an empty and open Heart.” ~Bearji

Truth and Love come to you!

Where is the resistance in you to awakening to the Grace of Being as All Love?

The ego aspect of mind is conditioned from birth. We build egoic identification structures from our life experience, which become our beliefs. In any attempt at understanding anything, our mind accesses memory from all our learned experiences. Also meaning we see all of life through ego’s filters of perception. Beliefs are false identifications of the ego.

The secret trick here is to drop all of your “story” for an instant. In dropping all of your storylines, including; I have a name, I am my job, I am a man, I am a woman, I am my beautiful yoga body, I am unworthy…

Just now for a split second let go of all ideas and concepts of the ego mind. Rest in this silence where there is nothing to identify with. Then you will see you already have all the answers you’ll ever need, right here and now in the silent mind of not knowing and an empty and open Heart.

The opportunity and invitation I offer are to awaken spontaneously to your True Nature as Love Itself. Be still and hold these Truths in your heart and allow them to expand into the limitless stillness of Grace. There is no escaping the Grace of Love, or Love Itself. Silence is the attracting force of Love. Be still and allow Truth and Love to come to you.


There is no escaping the Grace of Love

I thought of you because I am in yet another dilemma and I don’t want to create karma again for myself.

I am married to a foreigner, and it’s been quite some time that we are separated from each other. Meaning we live separately…. he wants to have a divorce because he has someone else in his life.

Now every time I talk about him doing the procedure for divorce, he comes up with all kinds of excuses as firstly he doesn’t want to spend money on that and secondly he will need to leave my country as per the law.

So he is happy staying here with another woman and freely and everyone kind of finding out that he has left me now as he is openly taking that other woman out.

I wanna write to the immigration authority because legally it is required… that I put an entry at the police station, etc.. But if I don’t do that it means my husband will continue to use me in a way to stay here while he is not with me?

I am angry at that thought and tired of him using me like that.
Can you put some light into this situation? Am I being bad for thinking that way? Will it create karma for me because I am hating this situation and want him out of here? Which anyways he shouldn’t be here if he’s going for divorce!!!

Bearji: “Karma has a balancing power. Clearly, you have something inside of you which is seeking this balance. It is challenging I can tell as you are faced with both legal and moral dilemma.

First, it may be a good idea to investigate your anger. What is it that is at the core of this anger? You mentioned the feelings of being used…

Now you have an opportunity to investigate “being used,” and see what is under that. Whatever it is, or wherever this thread leads, is just information. It can be valuable information to some… But the real work is yet to come even after recognizing more mother issues, father issues, or whatever it is which fixates the ego.

The solution is found in taking your awareness out of your mind and into your feeling nature. Imagine you can then feel the anger, no matter what, who, when and where… Just feel ANGER.

We are all conditioned from early childhood. We build structures of belief systems from our life experience. And our beliefs have seemingly worked well for us, at least as far as survival strategies… Yet, beliefs are false identifications of the ego. So the secret trick here is to drop all of your “story” for an instant.

Let go of, “I am a person who is being used (or whatever)… I am not happy… I am worried about my Karma…” And then drop all of your histories… Going all the way back to release all memory… Memory will still be there… Have no fear.

Just now for a split second let go of all ideas and concepts. Rest in this silence. Then you will see you already have all the answers you’ll ever need, right here and now in the silent mind of not knowing.

Now, my counsel might be something like: This is your anger, not his. Be responsible only for you. Yet, being responsible for only you means you have no need to worry about his karma. Who can say what will appear for him next? We’ll see, right? I may even say that it could be that it is perfect for him no matter what happens next… AS IT WILL BE! 

He may go back home or somewhere else or marry this new woman. Who cares? Whatever is next for him is next for him. What is next for you will be equally just what’s right. No matter what comes, goes or stays… this is where acceptance is the teacher.

You said, “…he is happy staying here with another woman…”

Let him be happy in this way.

But let yourself be happy too with what you need. It is your choice. Hold your awareness in your heart center, still the mind, relax the body… Continue to be still and as the answers unfold for you, just let them. Then… do not doubt your Heart.

Action or non-action, write the authorities or don’t write the authorities doesn’t matter, there is no escaping karma. Not until one is fully enlightened, my dear. Which also means, there is no escaping the Grace of Love, or Love Itself.

Be still and take care of YOUR heart. Be still and allow Truth to come to you. This is what matters.

Be well, my dear…

Loving, Bearji

Heaven and Hell?

You are not your name, not your job, not even your gender. You have a body, but you are not this body. You are consciousness becoming aware of your own Self as the nature of Clear Awareness, That which is One Awareness. You are That which has never been born and never dies. This is the eternal life which religions around the world point. I feel it is mostly misunderstood as some kind of body-form in yet another form, as in an eternal heaven.

Until the ego dissolves in the Clear Light of Truth, it will continue to attach on to and identify with anything and everything, including all kinds of ideas about Hell realms and Heavenly afterlife Bliss.

No matter what the intellect knows, or thinks it knows, the Heart must be ‘realize.’ It is all revealed as empty Oneness, where there are no forms. This is what needs to be realized before one can move through pure lands, heavens and unimaginable phenomenon. The paradox here is that one must realize Self as empty Oneness, before dancing in other realms, pure lands, and heavens. It must always remain a mystery, and this is what the ego cannot accept is this mystery, as in limitless emptiness there is no other for ego identification.

The suffering lies in our desires, reaching, obsessing, and grasping a happier future. AND in the running away from not only the past but all other ‘abominations.’ (HELL) All of which are mind created and supported, which are actually false identifications of the ego. This requires SO MUCH EFFORT!

Ask yourself ‘Who am I?’ and be still in the non-answer. Relax the mind. Rest the mind into the mysterious unknown silent Beloved. The joke here is that BEING STILL is what takes no effort.”