This is the devotion of Loves Grace.

This is the devotion of Loves Grace. – a report from a FB friend.

FB friend: W.E.H. “Thank you sincerely. What profound truth! Thank you for taking such precious time and deep consideration in answering these questions I asked you. For you are the TRUTH, I seek.

I have five libraries of books on spirituality. Now that I have to leave this home and begin again, it was the biggest shock of how many books I have bought, read and not found what I was looking for.

I take your words to my humble heart; with huge gratitude.

At last the Light ……. has opened up ….. my quest and received the one answer I needed my entire lifetime.

So magnificent the answers to my questions today ….. as I mulled them constantly. I do not know how to thank you for so personally changing my life; day by day, just by reading your posts over the past year. But today a transformation occurred that is ineffable to explain.

You articulated answers that relate to me in a way, that made perfect sense to all my crazy questions. My heart opened up as I gradually grasped your extraordinary meaning to everything life has to offer. I never saw this grandeur in such a sublime light before. I actually began to hear myself breathe properly for the first time in a year and a half. I could actually allow tears to flow, escaping the prison of my blank eyes…..because I thought I had lost all the reason to battle to see the point of it all. I felt dizzy with joy, I last felt as a child.

Tonight I will lay alone in my bed; I am determined to feel my Spirit = my Truth …. that you reminded me of.

How Sir, does a woman like me, humbly sitting spellbound on the ground, explain to you the mammoth effect you personally made on my life in just one day. I have literally taken your wisdom wholeheartedly and embraced it to my chest.

God as I know Him… placed you in my life. I am indebted to you….. my gratitude will be forever but Eternity will never be enough. I love the whole of you and what you teach. In a way great Sir, simply put …. you just saved my life.

With my first baby steps, I am giving myself the chance to give myself back to begin to love the spirit/soul of myself again.

As always my gratitude is eternal.” W.

Bearji: “Beautiful. Now be completely Still. Finally Still. Quiet the mind and Not Know.

I am very grateful and humbled by such a great report.

You have a voice I recognize from others and my own words when I tried to speak gratitude to my teachers. This is ripeness. You are a very ripe spiritual student. This is the moment RIGHT NOW.

(Finally… Right? Ha!)

I am deeply moved by your kind words. This is what happens when one has so FILLED with LOVE that it overflows everywhere and to everyone. So please, give it away freely, as you will only receive more love, then even more, and … no words can touch what’s after; ‘then even more.’

Give that Love away as fast as you can so to keep this JOY that you speak of in your heart and around your soul. This is the power and movement of Grace and Loves sweetest gift upon awakening.

I heard these words once from a woman in Colorado Springs, CO after a workshop I facilitated while I was on tour. Then 11 months later, she drove up from Colorado Springs to Denver to sit in a public meeting (Satsang) I was offering. She sat there for over an hour right in front of me, and I did not recognize her. She had to remind me who she was and how we knew each other. She had gone through such a transformation, her whole life changed, and she reflected this change well! She couldn’t stop crying in the joy of the gratitude which she tried so hard to express.

But it ends up that this gratitude can never be fully expressed as the words you seek do not exist.

This is when the old woundedness of the past has the opportunity to transform in an accelerated fashion into your unique gift to the world. Many have reported new lives filled with passion for giving to others however they can. The force of this everlasting overflowing love is now at service in only a way that you alone can offer.

This is giving your life to That! This is being the passionate giving lover of God; this is being true to Truth. True to Self. As the more love you give away, the more you will receive. This is the fire of creation! This is devotion to Loves Grace!

But… with all that said, I have nothing to do with this. I’m happy to serve in this way to let you project that onto me, but it is YOU who did this. It’s been YOU all along! Right?

I’m just being me! LOL [It’s all such a sweet cosmic joke!]

KEYWORDS: You said, ‘I have literally taken your wisdom wholeheartedly and embraced it to my chest.’

Yes, well… to all others reading this. You have to take my words Literally!

These are the instructions to awakening. STOP! Just stop!

Stop all the noise and turbulence of the mind for just a millisecond. Come on; I’m not asking much.

How? – Let go of all ego attachments for just an instant. Accept your life as it is right now without memories of the past or grasping for the future. Have the willingness to not know anything. This is surrendering to Mystery.

Two very famous words expressed in all mystical traditions across time and all of the known and unknown religions.

Be Still.

Be finally still. Really still. (not pretend still. – stop thinking) Have no expectations.

Stop seeking. You are That which you seek. It is not outside of yourself. These are the final teachings! Stop. I have said it before, and it is my job to say it again; put away all the books stacked next to your bed. Knowledge is limited. Stop all the spiritual practices that have served you so well that have brought you to this moment. Stop thinking you have to get somewhere to get something.

It has been YOU all along. It is right here and right now as you have never gone anywhere. You are Home this instant and will always remain Home. You have never been separate. Separation is the illusion of duality.

In Oneness, there is nowhere to go and all of eternity to get there.

You are what is beyond the ideas and concepts of the meaning of the word, God. And since you are God, you have unlimited power and opportunity to realize that.

Imagine for a moment that you can take away the word God and use the word Emptiness if you wish, as there is nothing that can beyond emptiness. That is the unlimitedness of Being where no words can attach.

I cannot teach you this, but I can do what I can to point anyone to their own direct experience. The true nature of God cannot be explained, but it can be experienced in spontaneous spiritual awakening, and then lived in the absolute present moment experiences of just Being in the NOW. The eternal present.

This is the external life which all religions point to. Your true nature is simply conscious awareness. Consciousness continues after the body drops.

In the absolute present moment of awareness, there is no suffering, no matter your current life situations and circumstances.

Living in the Awakened Heart Awareness, there are only Love, Bliss, Freedom, and different states of mystical experience. Life expressed as the never-ending offer of gratitude.

Dying with an awakened heart leads to appearances of so-called pure lands or heavens. Hell is right here on earth created by the thoughts of the ego mind.

All of you, be still right now. No need to wait, as waiting hasn’t served any of us.

I will always be at your service…

All in Love, Bearji

It must be realized. 

“We are here to wake up from the illusion that we, as a people, as a nation, as a culture or participating in ‘the’ religion are separate from each other, the planet Earth and the Universe. All Gods and all Universes, all physical and non-physical reside in you. Mystical spiritual awakening, freedom from suffering and access to the One Wisdom Truth that you are That which some call God, cannot be contained by words. It must be realized.

But the physical realm CAN be explained with an overwhelming amount of evidence, agreement, and understanding by all nations and peoples.

The physical manifest realm of existence is made up of Atoms, which are made up of sub-atomic particles. These sub-atomic particles have sub-sub-atomic particles, and so on. These get so small they cannot be seen, but from the hard evidence left behind from their movements, scientists have proven their existence.

Now imagine for a moment, that if these little tiny smallest unknown, unseen invisible particles were removed from the building blocks of all that is physical. The manifest universe would self-destruct in an instant.

Science has proven these invisible particles act according to the intention and expectations of the one who observes.They come and go, back and forth, leaving trails as evidence of their movement. These trails end, disappearing into an empty unknown and reappearing by the same path back into existence.

Depending on what scientist is observing with their individual theory, these particles act exactly as they expected no matter the difference from all other researchers.

Now contemplate on this.

How could the smallest invisible particle ever move from simple intention to see it the way you want to see it?

I am here to tell you, you can choose not to suffer, or suffering however you choose.

Choose Peace! Choose Freedom. Choose Love. Choose to awaken, and realize the absolute golden nectar of Self and the BLISS of Being in the absolute NOW.” ~Bearji

What is Spirituality?

Question: I wake up…. and what I need to know…. right then and there…. is there. [On my FB feed]

My only confusion in life is books like Ester Hicks = manifestation. Are we supposed to surrender fully…. or create from the supermarket of life?

Vision Boards = people pay thousands for a few hours on manifesting…

Then I read Michael A Singer book: THE SURRENDER EXPERIMENT… and I relax in wonder.

Yet, all under the title of Spirituality. Who’s right… really?????
I trust you… I ask you.

Bearji: To cut right to the Heart of the matter… Anything and everything that can POP into mind is NOT REAL! All angels, all entities, all channels, all spirit guides, all past life beliefs, are phenomenon, just ‘appearances of mind.’

Thoughts come and go, appearances of phenomenon come and go. What always remains should be where you hold your attention. Love is Trustworthy. Trust LOVE.

Now with that said, I will explain more…

First and foremost, follow your heart. Also meaning, do not follow your minds processes, especially about what others say and do, or where they find value.

When it comes to our few experiences of life which cannot be spoken, we are ultimately all alone. Awakening and death. So be alone right now! All alone with just your Silent Heart of Hearts in your direct awakening.

Love is Trustworthy. The ego mind, not so much.

I cannot say it better than my Lovely teacher, Gangaji, “Love is not a person. Love is your universal, individual and collective soul. Love is God, Love is truth, Love is beauty, Love is peace, Love is Self. And so… to know yourself, to surrender to truth, is to surrender to Love.”

Out of mind – into Heart! Also meaning, simply be still.

Now, before I continue… there is nothing wrong with manifesting. We need to survive. There is nothing wrong with any teaching as long as you DO NOT simply believe everything you hear. Listen, ask questions, if you are REALLY gaining something out of it, great… I will tell you, don’t believe a word I say, you need to find out for yourself through personal experiential investigations. And keep checking in with your heart, always check to see if this is not just another distraction of the ego.

Now I will try not to confuse anyone when I say; there is a teacher for everyone – until there is NOT!

I choose to not give any energy at all anymore to spirit guides, angels, people who channel, or with good intentions think they are channeling, or who out and out make that shit up for money.

Story – I constantly toured for years from one mind/body/spirit conferences to another. (1997-2002) I would often see the same authors, speakers, healers, psychics, and performers every weekend. You get to know someone’s character this way. It is my personal direct experience that one of the most popular so-called channels, still working and selling books today, is an absolute fraud. A very RICH fraud.

I was having a conversation with Doreen Virtue one day over a cup of tea and snacks. We winked at each other knowing this person was moving closer and listening to our conversation. Sure enough, the very next weekend, while watching his performance yet again, he told the thousand or so people there that he had brand new information. When he went into his ‘trance’ and acted as if the entity took control over his body and spoke with an altered voice all I heard was the conversation I had had with Doreen. It had been reported that he and his wife had put together well of 50 million dollars in the first 5 years!

I have kicked to the curb more than one national bestselling author friend because they would out and out lie to the people just to sell their music CD’s and books. When confronted, they rationalized it to me that they needed the money as to keep on their mission. WOW. – One specifically – As I handed this guy over the CASH, I confronted him. I had just taken in over $3,000.00 in less than 15 minutes from the sales of his music CD where he claimed to over 400 people that the Blessed Mother had appeared to him as a 22-year-old woman in a sun dress while in the recording studio. And that She had radiating Her Light into him while he recorded the music, thus out of his guitar and voice and onto the CD! ‘Buy it and be HEALED!’ He told them. ‘Come on down and touch the photograph and receive!’ I stood behind the sales table for him and sold over 300 of these music CDs at ten bucks apiece. The young woman in the short sexy dress was someone he had asked to take a picture of while walking the streets of New York City. (I asked him, he told me.) End of story.

You see, there is a teacher for everyone – Until there’s not. Meaning once you get all you can get from someone’s angel blog, or whatever enjoyable and entertaining psychic or brand new healing flavor of the month, you move on.

I am not saying all of these are fakes! There have been TONS of interesting information come through by communing with angels and channeling ‘teachers.’

ACIM – BEAUTIFUL HEART TEACHINGS . . . . I am sure people have had quantum leaps in their understanding and personal growth. ABSOLUTELY. For me too! Love love love it!

BUT…. Ultimately, none of these can serve you past their limitations. They are all pointers to what has no limitations. That which serves for True Self-realization.

Love Itself has no limitations. God, Truth, Self, has no limitations.

One day if you have the great good luck to meet a true teacher, a Sat Guru, meaning a final teacher, fall to their feet and TRUST the Love of which they point.

The final teacher is the one who tells you to STOP thinking and just listen to Silence Itself. Put down all tools, all books, all practices, all the psychics, healers, and angels. Stop seeking! You are Home right now. Surrender means to offer up all that is known to the unknown. Let all the ego ideas and concepts to be swallowed by Mystery. Put down all appearances of mind. Not Know! Be Still. Finally still. Give up trying!

The reason they are called final teachers as this is where True awakening happens. Sitting with a master like this, you also receive their awakened Light from them and their entire lineage through what’s called spiritual transmission.

So here we all are… Again, anything and everything that can POP into mind is NOT REAL! All angels, all entities, all channels, all spirit guides, all past life beliefs, are just ‘phenomenal appearances of mind.’

Thoughts come and go, appearances of phenomenon come and go. What always remains should be where you hold your attention. Love is Trustworthy. Trust LOVE.

No need to buy something to get what you already have. The only question is, now that you have met your survival needs, where do you hold your attention?

So strip off all of the egos clothes and surrender into the Silent Truth of Loves trusting Grace. Be naked and get ready for blissful union. Jump into the Ocean of God consciousness.

In Gratitude and Joy, Bearji

Just Love.

Give up all effort!

When you give up all effort to hold on to what you believe is reality, a sudden awakening experience reveals your life without limitations. Love Itself then calls you deeper into Love, and all Its possibilities. ~Bearji

Pure of Heart and Selfless

You are always giving yourself what you want and need. So the prayer has to be detailed, pure of heart and selfless but only to serve others. ~Bearji

One song. In pure Harmony…


UNI-VERSE – One song. In pure harmony, vibrating at whatever entertaining past life, wavelength or color of light you prefer. It’s about letting go of all beliefs! ALL BELIEFS! There is so much mind candy it can be a real challenge. ~Bearji

Callie, Blessed Callie…

When I stood above what was left of my cat Callie being puffs of her long hair having been taken by a coyote… I’m standing there with her bloodied collar in my hand and forgave the coyote first thing. The coyote and Callie are this ONENESS too of course. So I allowed ‘that piece-of-me’ that is ‘Callie’ to die too at that moment.

There is no real reason for ego to hang on to and/or bury the hurt, anger or fear before it’s dead. Let it die and in dying reply. Right? Sounds like a Rumi poem. This doesn’t mean I miss her, it means I miss her and am embracing the grieving, but there is no attachment to the suffering. I’m enjoying the pain as it leaves tracks of memory in my heart. I love Callie, I wouldn’t want to miss a bit of this!

Also meaning this little death becomes Creation Itself in that instant. This is important what I am saying here, and I hope you get the WHOLENESS of what I’m pointing to.~Bearji

Callie… RIP.


Storytelling is so important for everyone at any age. Especially for the elder’s teachings the youth. Ritual rites of passage for young women when they start their moon cycles being taken to the ‘moon lodge’ by the local women elders [dressed up as tampons and pads], for stories of Myth and Lore, music and poetry, laughter, tears, and LOTS of personal advice.

Storytelling, tribal drum circles and more for young men with a group of elder wise men telling stories of great men, battles won and loss, life, and death, responsibly, purpose and meaning, and all YOU beautiful women! (Wow, where do I sign up for this)

Our youth become part of a larger wholeness as they mature, and need proper guidance from experienced, wise women and men at a point in time to welcome adulthood.

Sounds great right? I mean, how many 30 year-olds are still behaving badly, unemployed and living in their parent’s basement? Storytelling and rites of passage for our youth are SO important and quickly becoming a lost art. ~Bearji

What did I ever do to deserve this?

When I was witness to these beautiful wild beasts nestled in next to me, birthing and trusting in me and my spot, and RUBY so much, I wept and asked myself, ‘What did I ever do to deserve this?’

I had only said those words once before in my life, the day I found myself sitting alone with a Fully Enlightened Tibetan Master, who was considered in modern day Buddhism as a Living Buddha.

I was transcended to a speechless bliss in both experiences. I had to remind myself to breathe with both. Over and over again, breathe Bearji, breathe… Do you see what I just put side by side? It’s all about being TRULY present. In That, there is balance and equality. ~Bearji