Pure of Heart and Selfless

You are always giving yourself what you want and need. So the prayer has to be detailed, pure of heart and selfless but only to serve others. ~Bearji

One song. In pure Harmony…


UNI-VERSE – One song. In pure harmony, vibrating at whatever entertaining past life, wavelength or color of light you prefer. It’s about letting go of all beliefs! ALL BELIEFS! There is so much mind candy it can be a real challenge. ~Bearji

Callie, Blessed Callie…

When I stood above what was left of my cat Callie being puffs of her long hair having been taken by a coyote… I’m standing there with her bloodied collar in my hand and forgave the coyote first thing. The coyote and Callie are this ONENESS too of course. So I allowed ‘that piece-of-me’ that is ‘Callie’ to die too at that moment.

There is no real reason for ego to hang on to and/or bury the hurt, anger or fear before it’s dead. Let it die and in dying reply. Right? Sounds like a Rumi poem. This doesn’t mean I miss her, it means I miss her and am embracing the grieving, but there is no attachment to the suffering. I’m enjoying the pain as it leaves tracks of memory in my heart. I love Callie, I wouldn’t want to miss a bit of this!

Also meaning this little death becomes Creation Itself in that instant. This is important what I am saying here, and I hope you get the WHOLENESS of what I’m pointing to.~Bearji

Callie… RIP.


Storytelling is so important for everyone at any age. Especially for the elder’s teachings the youth. Ritual rites of passage for young women when they start their moon cycles being taken to the ‘moon lodge’ by the local women elders [dressed up as tampons and pads], for stories of Myth and Lore, music and poetry, laughter, tears, and LOTS of personal advice.

Storytelling, tribal drum circles and more for young men with a group of elder wise men telling stories of great men, battles won and loss, life, and death, responsibly, purpose and meaning, and all YOU beautiful women! (Wow, where do I sign up for this)

Our youth become part of a larger wholeness as they mature, and need proper guidance from experienced, wise women and men at a point in time to welcome adulthood.

Sounds great right? I mean, how many 30 year-olds are still behaving badly, unemployed and living in their parent’s basement? Storytelling and rites of passage for our youth are SO important and quickly becoming a lost art. ~Bearji

What did I ever do to deserve this?

When I was witness to these beautiful wild beasts nestled in next to me, birthing and trusting in me and my spot, and RUBY so much, I wept and asked myself, ‘What did I ever do to deserve this?’

I had only said those words once before in my life, the day I found myself sitting alone with a Fully Enlightened Tibetan Master, who was considered in modern day Buddhism as a Living Buddha.

I was transcended to a speechless bliss in both experiences. I had to remind myself to breathe with both. Over and over again, breathe Bearji, breathe… Do you see what I just put side by side? It’s all about being TRULY present. In That, there is balance and equality. ~Bearji

The movement of Grace

I have always tried to break the myth that spiritual awakening is something rare and only for the ‘chosen ones.’ Seriously, if it can happen to ME, it can happen to anyone! Including YOU!

When we are a witness to others suffering, we see through the eyes of Christ. We see all of Humanity. We see ourselves in our desire for comfort and happiness. Comfort is not always possible of course. But this is Grace and the movement of Grace. Everyone in this world is moved to create a better existence. To end the suffering, love and be loved and realize happiness. This is the evolutionary creation in the ongoing Still Awareness. The awakened force of Karma. Love Loving Itself – Awareness messing around, experimenting while in Tantric Union, always making sure there is more to come in this rousing and entertaining performance with song and dance, comedy and tragic drama, which is all grounded empty Awareness. God’s Lovely play of Life. ~Bearji

This is freedom from suffering and the source of all wisdom.

The NOW moment becomes a fluid yet timeless and still constant. For me, it is a continuous intuitive pure knowing of whatever is in my field of experience as it comes, stays or goes. This is freedom from suffering and the source of all wisdom. The filters of ego perception and its efforts to control the future are gone. It’s all clear Light. ~Bearji

Pure untouchable Awareness is your true nature.

It’s also essential for you to know that nobody has ever reported an end to awakening. Not the Christed Light of Jesus, or the Buddha Nature of Buddha, or the Emptiness of Ramana, there is no end. It’s what never dies, is never born. Pure untouchable Awareness is your true nature. Reside in That! ~Bearji

It’s just God being God…

Whatever appears or doesn’t appear in life situations or circumstances, living in the awareness of its just God being God, it is easy to fall into the embrace of whatever arises, as it truly is all that matters now as you continue deepening into your own true Self. ~Bearji

Ali Kitty


I am not special or any more important than my cat Ali. I am a human man telling you that God is right here, right now, and this being human, in this present moment, is it! ~Bearji