Personal Consultations

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Pay nothing or make an offering after your meeting with Bearji. You choose the value from your experience and what you can afford. What matters is what comes in by the end of the month, not each individual donation. I will not even look to see what you offer. No one is turned away. – How it should be!

Personal Consultations

One on one personal connection with the spiritual teacher Bearji via Skype or FB Video Messenger. Ask anything you wish, work on particular life challenges, healing self to Awakening Self.

In the last few years, I have noticed the questions from spiritual seekers like you are changing.

In the old days, Saints would spend a lifetime of devotion and purification, and then awaken. As our world seemingly spins faster in its rapidly growing population, with global challenges that didn’t exist thousands of years ago, more and more people are having spontaneous spiritual awakenings and then embrace their inner purification work.

More and more spiritual seekers are having a considerable glimpse of the Truth of Being or experiencing an actual spontaneous spiritual awakening. Either way… The Illusion has shattered!

Living life as a modern-day mystic has a different set of challenges on top of the continued life situations and circumstances of being in today’s world.

You have a whole new perspective on reality, a shift of perception, yet all your old demons want their life back! Ego’s defaults work overtime and struggle with completely letting go. Strained relationships, or other aspects of life, are reflected on with a different light. Questions are focused on how to live life in this circumstantial world of traffic, jobs, relationships, family, mortgage, bills, and with all the madness on the local, national, political, and world news, while continuing to remove ego’s filters of perception and deepening your awakening!

I can help!

One consultation or for meeting weekly, I can work with you on the price of the donation that works for us both. I will slide on my fee scale as best as I can as to not turn anyone away. Those who can pay more, please do… I take all major credit and debit cards through Paypal online. Super easy and safe.

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Mini Bio: The American born bestselling author, Christopher Alaya Love, now known as the beloved spiritual teacher, Padma Bhajan Bearji, has given his life to the conscious evolution of himself, and that of all humanity. Early on Christopher became a Mind/Body/Spirit expert working for years in private practice as a Registered Counselor, Certified Clinical (Medical) Hypnotherapist, Certified Nero-Linguistic Program Practitioner, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Board Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor/Trainer, Teaching Reiki Master, Certifications of completions in advanced Therapeutic Touch and an Herbalist.