Silent holiness of self

The ego is best at sabotaging all of life’s best intentions… through personality character fixations. Often revealing or leaving behind challenging lessons of hurt, anger, and fear in what may appear later as a belief of fate.

The more you recognize patterns of ego with mindfulness, something naturally occurs as the ego eases influence and relaxes its control on your awareness. You can continue to experience seeing through the old filters of perception, current expectations, and all attachments. It is surrendering to our mysterious True Nature and life’s ever-flowing present moment.

Upon spiritual awakening, there is recognition of a preexisting Wholeness, (Holiness), where there can never be any egoic attachments to outside reference points, thus no identifications.

Without egoic attachments to the past or throwing the many hooks into the future, there remains only now, revealing an end to all suffering.

The job description of ego personality that thinks it’s uniquely special or that it’s not good enough isn’t necessary any longer. This is releasing some of the hard attractions and claws of karma.

Mind has the opportunity to transform spontaneously into its present moment true giving-and-receiving nature of Wholeness. This transforms living into an expression stirring with the lifestream forces of intelligence through heart intuition and subtle states of consciousness. Never against it.

When unattached to any ideas, all there is left is the silent Holiness of Self, states of bliss and realms of wisdom, all remaining at your service.

The infinite stillness and wisdom of empty awareness exposed as your own Self will bring you to your knees. There will be no words yet an endless and selfless longing to express love with language cannot be denied. The Heart also grows with compassion and loving kindness to all beings, creatures, and peace to planet earth. Such is Grace. Such is Self. Only Love is that powerful.

This and more is the Holiness revealed from practicing mindfulness and allowing surrender for an instant of ego mind ‘Not Knowing.’

Padmā Bhājan Bearji