What are you aware of now?

HR: “Kindly tell me how to get rid of over thinking, anxiety, and fear.”

Bearji: “Breathe. Breathe deeply… Calm the mind, and relax the body.
As the body relaxes so does the mind. Keep breathing and relaxing… There is nothing else to do when anxiety appears but focus on your breath. Breathe slowly and deeply and relax all the muscles in your body. When you calm down and feel like you never want this to happen again, this is when you must discover what it is at the core of the egos fear.

Be still, and hold your awareness on your heart center and not at all on thoughts of the mind. Be Still right now and allow your awareness to follow the thread back to the core of your fear. Simply witness what it is which creates so much fear within.”

HR: “Fear of death.”

Bearji: “Yes, of course… So imagine at this moment that you can die right now. Feel what it feels like to have the willingness to die right now, today, this moment…

You are not your name, not your job, not even your gender. You have a body, but you are not this body. You are consciousness becoming aware of your own Self as the nature of Clear Awareness, That which is One Awareness. You are that which was never born and never dies. This is the eternal life which religions around the world point. I feel it is mostly misunderstood as some kind of body form in yet another form, as in an eternal heaven.

Now, imagine you can let go of all thoughts, ideas, and concepts about life, death, and afterlife. Pure awareness is often called emptiness for a great reason; as what could there be beyond emptiness? In the awakened state, Awareness Itself reveals LOVE. Love is the word which is used so often for the experience that is so empty and paradoxically so FULL at the same time. In this Clear Light experience, it is also ‘known’ as limitless Self. You are That!

So now imagine that after the body drops, consciousness continues. As Self.

Let’s stop right here for a second. Tell me, what are you aware of now?”

HR: “Sir, I know each is everything but hard to accept the fact. I know the real goal of life is ‘Who Am I?’ I’m just 37 yr old.”

Bearji: “Again, relax your body and relax your mind… Breathe… slowly… Now imagine you can die right now, that you have the willingness to die… Whatever is in the way of your willingness to honestly imagining ‘dying’ at this moment is where to hold your awareness. All that is needed for right now is for you to recognize your triggers for feeling so much fear of death.

With this awareness, you can now heal yourself on multiple levels. One is you may choose to sit with an elder, a counselor or spiritual teacher as to process releasing the past and deeper recognition of your real potential.

You will have tools to use now using your breath. Practice this; you will get better at knowing what works just right for you in any given situation. It gets much easier and very quickly too. My personal experience.

Now is also an opportunity to learn a mindfulness practice and acceptance. The suffering lies in our desires, reaching, obsessing, and grasping a happier future. AND in the running away from not only the past but all other ‘abominations.’ All of which are mind created and supported, which are actually false identifications of the ego. This requires SO MUCH EFFORT!

Until the ego dissolves in the Clear Light of Truth, it will continue to attach on to and identify with anything and everything, including all kinds of ideas about Heavenly and afterlife Bliss. The ego is always changing its mind about who it thinks it is, and that’s okay… but you can harness that force and just inquire into your own Self with the question you already know. ‘Who am I?'”

HR: “Fear is in mind… It’s all mind game… What [do] you think you become? What [do] you imagine you create?”

Bearji: “Ha! … Listen to me again… No more thinking.

No matter what the intellect knows, or thinks it knows, the heart must be ‘realize.’ It is all revealed as empty Oneness, where there are no forms. This is what needs to be realized before one can move through pure lands, heavens and unimaginable phenomenon. The paradox here is that one must realize Self as empty Oneness, before dancing in other realms, pure lands, and heavens. It must always remain a mystery, and this is what the ego cannot accept is this mystery.

These are the final instructions which will one day be the last words you and many many others will hear from their Final Teacher.

Stop. Be Still. Not know. Relax, truly relax. Breathe… be in the now. Just be still… And, as Papaji would say, ‘Keep quiet!’

There is no-thing. No thing to compare for any identification or objectification. Oneness is even beyond the idea of Oneness. ‘I am’ is just a tool to point to where the ‘I’ disappears.

This is where you are right now! So no need to wait. It ends up being LOVE ITSELF. You are this LOVE… Nothing more and nothing less. EVER!”

HR: “I did everything to keep myself fit. But I want to be mentally fit. Mental toughness! Which is more important?”

Bearji: “In one word – Heart. The Heart is most important. The heart of compassion and loving kindness… No toughness! Soft, ease, allowing Grace to unfold in the present moment.

This is the last time I’m saying this to you. NOT mind. Heart, love, mental stillness… Quite and relaxed. Ask yourself ‘Who am I?’ and be still in the non-answer. Relax the mind. Rest the mind into the Mysterious unknown Beloved. The joke here is that this is what takes no effort. Be Still.”

HR: “I know sir, [the] heart is more important coz all love, compassion, and creativity is in [the] heart.”

Bearji” “Stop seeking to create or leave something behind after death. BE HERE. Be here now! STOP thinking. Rest into your own breath. Awaken and then give your life to the creative forces of Self. Let yourself be used by this One; which is Creation Itself.”


HR: “I’m Soo Soo glad sir. Thank you, Soo much.”

Bearji: “Very good. Blessings…”