Why we are born?

Dear friend, at your convenience, would you explain, “Why we are born?”

Bearji: This is a great question, that many have asked and few have answers for.

“Why was I born? … “What is my purpose? … “Do I have a preordained destiny? “What’s this all about… And of course naturally there are questions about death, and what happens after this life.

These are the questions that set one out on their path just by having such thoughts. Awesome questions! These inquiries and others like them all can be melted down to the self-inquiry question presented by Sri Ramana Maharshi; “Who am I?” This is a hard question for some to find the right answers that will suit them best, as there are so many conflicting ideas, regions, religions, etc.. Even when you read what a great master states about destiny, it can contradict entirely from the last quote you read, or heard, from this same teacher. I will do my best to give a short answer to “why we are born?” and follow it up with some commentary.

‘The soul is here for its own joy!’ – It means to ‘Be’ in a ‘living present moment.’

The basic idea of what most will grab onto is that ‘the soul is here for its own joy!’ Many mystics speak of this, and one might not feel like this is a truth in their own life with so much further suffering. Yet, after awakening, with continuous mindfulness, deepening and incorporating that awakening in yourself and your new life, (seeking out the change in patterns of body, speech, and mind), if one is lucky, you’ll truly experience what it means to ‘Be’ in a ‘living present moment,’ for more than just a glimpse.

In here is living the Bliss of Being. This ‘Joy Itself’ blows the soul away.

I’m not talking about some psychology report that gives you 29 tricks to learn to be in the present moment, which can help. What I am talking about, my personal experience is beyond that; more like a state of bliss which moves in waves, not unlike a state of samadhi, or experiences of certain substances. The ‘Now’ is so liquid, you already know, through heart intuition, the fullness of what is happening, when it happens, in fact, it is much more of a fluid co-creation of the Heart. The One Heart.

It is timelessly still AND continuous; all of before, during and after… at once.

Even my saying the reason for being here on this planet on a soul level is for its own joy points to spiritual awakening. It’s not hard to understand, especially when there remains so many great foods, experiences, lusts, love relationships, families, and fun entertainment in this world. All of which are pushed to the extremes still seeking.

Your believing mind is what’s in the way. Be Still.

The bottom line is, the last instructions from a final teacher to their ripe students are: Stop the search outside of yourself, you are That which you seek. Stop talking. Stop thinking. Relax. Your believing mind is what’s in the way. Be Still. Not Know. . . .

As awakening spiritually is the meaning of Life. Expressions of love, compassion, and loving-kindness, are the meanings of living… Nothing else really matters. All of life points you to this.

That’s the simple answer. “Who am I?” must be discovered NOT to have a response, it is ultimately unknown. You are Mystery, and yet this Mystery can be experienced as your own Self. This opens the doors to the limitless wisdom aspect of consciousness, great compassionate beings and more. The Buddha saw one billion planets with suns and sentient beings. The Buddha also manifested as eight different Buddhas. Imagine now how the Medicine Buddha called all ‘medicine leaders’ in the world to meet, (other planets too) and when he spoke to them, they all heard their own secrets in their own language. There are no limits of what one can co-create living and ‘being’ in the most unimaged fluid Now. And you are That!

As the Buddha states: ‘What we think we become.’

We are all co-creating right now even if we don’t know it. All of what we are today are the results of what we have thought. There is only ONE MIND (Self), and thus MIND IS EVERYTHING. As the Buddha states: ‘What we think we become.’ Self is beyond mind, meaning it cannot be discovered, uncovered, or otherwise revealed with the use of the mind. Also saying it is and has to be, beyond all of your present moment beliefs about yourself, including and especially all identifications. You are not the body, also meaning you are not your physical appearance, race or your gender, a mom or dad, a brother or sister, a son or daughter, and you are not your many names or the work you do. You are not your gained knowledge, preferences, social status, habits, special abilities, beliefs, fears, hurts, angers, desires or circumstances. You are not your personal stories or family histories. The ego mind has built, rebuilt, put up support structures throughout, has defended its position and sought out other like-minded souls to have a ‘universal’ belief system.

It is the ego’s beliefs that are in the way.

The Mandala of Enlightenment

What is unborn and before this visible, touchy, smelly, tasty, and loud manifest universe is That which is your true identity; which is the awakening.

Body, speech, and mind… with all their many perceptions, sensations, senses and realms, are the mandala of enlightenment.

Meaning your life is the book, the map, and the path. Read that sacred text!

All of what appears are just that, appearances. This is the phenomena of suffering in samsara and having glimpses of Nirvana, which are also unborn appearances since the ‘origin.’ Life also appears as a fashion of this illusion and even with a deeply structured and conditioned ego-mind, still reckoning with a nature of its own, has a longing that cannot be denied. This begins at birth, moving through levels of survival, experiences of love and tragedy, all the way to seeking and finding enlightenment. Seeking an end to this suffering with the body, speech, and mind, give rise to a compassionate mental consciousness. This, fortunately, gives rise to expressions of mercy, loving-kindness, a superb LOVE, and great beings. This is a matrix of phenomena.

All of it, full manifest Enlightenment.

All phenomena live within the mind. The Mind dwells in empty space, and emptiness itself has no home, as by its nature it is void, yet primordially absolutely untouched and utterly radiant. You are that which never dies. The mystical eternal life all religions promise is an awakened awareness, and it is here right now as your own Self. To remember this is why we are born.

~ Padmā Bhājan Bearji ~